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indomethacin treatment

ive recently tried curing my cluster headaches with indomethacin, started 1 x 3 daily went up the highest dose 3 x 3daily then back down all was well until it went to 1 a day then they kicked off again, pain unbearable.

I'm trying to go back up the scale now to treat them but will this be constant??

ive tried all triptans, nasal spray and tablets etc

will it ever stop my pain?

if anybody else has experience must welcomed


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See a reply I made earlier regarding high flow oxygen. This is usually the first treatment recommended for cluster headache so I can't think why your neurologist hasn't prescribed it!

OUCH!UK offer great advice and support for CH sufferers so check out their website.

Best of luck.


No help from gp. She doesn't know what to do with me. I've tried all meds and I'm off work again because the pain is so intense. Just ordered a tens machine. I'm willing to try anything. I'm assuming they will just refer me back to neuro guy.

What is the website for the help?? Thanks


Just Google OUCH!UK, if you join (about £13 per year) there is a clinical trial you can volunteer for at the moment.


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