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Nerve block treatment


Hi all....

has anyone had nerve block treatment for chronic migraine? I have now had a chronic migraine for 18 months (everyday) the pressure is intense. My neurologist has tried different medications but no luck to completely get rid! I am currently on topiramate 100mg.... and Amitriptyline for my migraine and osteoarthritis! But just curious of nerve block treatment worked for you as I have now been referred for this.

Thank you x

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Yes, I have when I was pregnant and could not take any medications. I had 4 injections in my neck and it helped a lot. They also gave mr a dark room and Oxgygrn.

When I go to the Emergency Room they give me an IV with Imitrix, anti inflammatory and anti-nausea. This is considered the "cocktail" for urgent treatment of migraines.

Can I recommend you listen to the Podcast "heads up" it's by 2 Migraine Specialist in the UK and I think they have an episode on this topic.

Please consider any other treatment other than topiramate. It really changes a person's memory, long term. You can search the past post on this list to se the many, many people who have "lost" so much of their memory.

One last thing, this will not help right away ( it takes at least 3 months) but are you taking magnesium? I take it 3x a day (400mg). I can take up to 1500mg ( I know this seems high) but it has been life changing! Most Neurologist I have seen have recommended it.

Good luck!

Hi there sorry to high jack this post but what brand of magnesium do you take or does it matter? I have heard this can help with migraines but am yet to try it. I have been a sufferer for years but at 46 am now struggling with perimenopause migraines. Thank you

Look into this but I am sure I took milate. the oxide version (that you get at Holland & Barrett) is not the right one. It gives you diahhorea. So I think to check on that. You need to take it for 5 months I believe. Didn't work for me personally.

No worries... I know it will make a difference for you.

I take 400mg AM, PM and lunch. There are 2 different brands I have used. I am currently taking Purely Holistic, I like the shape of the capsule, it is shaped like a tear drop. I also like Doctors Best ( orange cap on the bottle). I have am also taking 2x Nature's way Feverfew 380mg am and pm. I really like this brand because the capsules do not have a taste to them. I tried another brand and they taste like grass. Yuck.

I know that the Magnesium it the big difference for me. I was taking magnesium citrate for years, but was not taking a high enough dose. I only took it 2x a day. When I changed I started on Glycinate and this is where I have really noticed all of my symptoms get less painful.

The key is you have to wait about 3 months to see if it is helping, it will most likely start working before then ( they will get less painful, then less often).

Hope this helps!! Every Neurlogist has told me that Magnesium is low in people with migraines. The noon dose is the one that really helps the most and I hate taking medication!

Take care!


I've had about 8 nerve blocks also because I was pregnant but also once before I was pregnant. Unfortunately they had no effect on me.

I have had it done several times. Each time it provided good relief for a period of about 3 weeks.

yes, but it was a couple of weeks at least before i saw any improvment and many months later i still am happy with the effect; hope it works for you too.

Personally did not work for me But I wish for you!

I’ve had daily head pain and weekly migraines since I had meningitis in 2006, becoming more frequent about 4 years ago (at least twice a week) lasting longer (around 3 days at a time but sometimes lasting a week) and pain more severe. I’m on propranolol as a preventative (!)

I was offered the greater and lesser occipital nerve block injections last year, I had them every 3 months and they really helped - migraines were less frequent, less severe and of a shorter duration. Effects lasted about 6 weeks then gradually wore off. I had the injections 3 times but unfortunately my December appointment was cancelled due to consultant having an operation and no one else able to take on her patients… I eventually got an appointment for March but Covid hit the UK… migraines have been off the scale since the injections wore off, still waiting for appointment…

Apparently they don’t work for everyone but worth trying I think, nothing to lose

I am on Topiramate 400 mg per day - 200 mg each morning and 200 mg each night. I have been on them for about 14 years now. I can go up to 1000 mg but I found 400 mg was enough for me and found 500 mg was the most I had heard people go up to.

I have had severe headaches all my life and this has reduced my headaches down to a manageable amount. I have come down from a 9 or 10 intensity daily, everyday to a 5 or 6 intensity may once or twice a month.

The only thing I found when I first started was I was forgetting words so started taking Omega 3 Fish Oils to help with brain function. It may be psychological, but found this worked.

My headaches were not due to trapped nerves, so other than this I cannot help you.

Good luck.

Had several nerve blocks -Greater Occipital and also Multiple cranial - both types only had 10 days relief unfortunately

Hi If you are talking about trigger point injections.YES! They do work..I usually end up getting them a week before my botox wears off.They work very well. Sometimes they sting a little bit, however it is worth it..Good luck

Yes o have them every three months , was daunting at first but it helps me so much I couldn’t be without them. I also take 12mg of candarsarten every day, no side effects from either. Daily chronic migraine reduced by about 50% as long as I make sure I am hydrated, manage stress levels and keep out of the sun when it’s super hot . My migraines always effected my neck which would ache so badly and is directly associated with the occipital nerve which is what the nerve block targets. Try it you have nothing to lose!

Hello, I just got nerve block down yesterday on my right side am really hoping it works and will get the left side soon.. Am taking candersartan too been onit 2 weeks only on 4mg as it’s makin me really dizzy and lowering my blood pressure into its 80s (am naturally low in 90) did it not so this to you at all? They want me to get upto 16mg but I just can’t see it happening 😩

Just wondering can you get these injections on the NHS in the UK?

Yes, I think they are only available through a headache specialist/ headache clinic

Hello, I had a nerve block done yesterday.. the procedure really wasn’t that bad just a sharp scratch and uncomfortable for a few seconds and then it’s over pretty quick.. my neck felt heavy and bit sore after it but I just rested and I don’t feel to bad today bit tender but nothing bad really.. am really hoping they work 😩 I got my right side done and if it’s stops the pain on my right side I can get the left side done and also alternate with Botox which I haven’t tried yet..

Whether they work or not you have nothing to loose really! Don’t be worried about the actual procedure though it really wasn’t bad.

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