feel spaced out blind spots zig zag lights disorientated after & tired having almost daily, tried fever few from H & B worked 1 wk help plea

Help feel spaced out then blind spots with zigzag lights, totally disorientated sweat literally pours from mainly head and face, but no headache take a Zolmitriptan tablet goes within 15mins approx. but left tired and "heady" next day just feel just as bad this is happening almost daily and l cannot pin point trigger thought it was stress as does happen then, but can also happen when chilled. Tried Fever few from H&B worked for 1 week. Want to avoid preventative medication, would like answers, asked Doctor for a brain scan but he wont refer me what can l do. Getting me down.

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  • Bit of a long shot but here is a link to symptoms of B12 deficiency (among many symptoms are tiredness and visual disturbances.


    Usual test for B12 deficiency isn't very accurate and significant numbers of people are deficient but come back in a grey zone (500 down) which is reported as 'normal' - cut off is usually around 150.

    If you can please try and get a diagnosis before you try supplementing B12 - also worth looking at B9 (folate) as you need both to metabolise and use B12 properly. B12 deficiency is generally not caused by diet unless you are a strict vegan and have no animal products in your diet. Usually it occurs because something goes wrong with the deleicate mechanism for absorbing B12 (cells or binding agents in the ileum).

  • Thank you will look into this

  • I would get your doctor to refer you to a consultant. Even if you don't want preventative medicine, and the preventative drugs I have tried have all had undesirable side effects, a consultant might be able to advice on acute medications and also refer you for a scan if they feel you are worried or if they feel there is a medical need. I hope things work out for you. Come back to the board and let us know how you get on.

  • Thank you I will try my doctor again

  • Hi Doughnut. I had flashing lights in my eyes last week. I thought I knew what it was but wanted confirmation. I phoned the Dr and was referred to the Optician. I went to see him next day and he diagnosed migraine. He also said to get my blood pressure checked. I do suffer with migraines but never had flashing lights before. It was a bit scary but very pretty. Do you think maybe that is what you are having. It's worth a check.

  • Thanks for your reply yes l have had my blood pressure checked several times and its good. I hope you get yours sorted

  • Just to add to my last text. The Optician said it usually lasts for 15 to 20 mins. I usually get with a migraine that I feel like I've had a bout of flu after for about 24 hours.

  • I feel your pain . . . literally! I had the scintillating scotomae (zig-zag lights lasting @ 20 mins) since age 8, but no headache until a nasty bout with septicemia last year (long, boring story). Now I get the whole set of "symptoms", scotomae, headache, weakness, nausea. My migraines were definitely exacerbated by high BP; I halved the 20mg of Prednisone per day I've been taking (they don't help with the pain anyway, because it turns out that's spinal stenosis - I can't catch a break!), and it really has helped. Migraines aren't gone completely; they never will be but, all the health habits I'm starting up (no sugar, try to eliminate caffeine - for BP, of course - cut back on carbs) are slowly taking effect . . . well, the stenosis I'm kinda stuck with, too, but one challenge at a time! Do see a specialist for your migraines; that's the only way you'll know if you NEED to get a scan. We have excellent Headache guys here at UCLA (where I work; I can't afford to get healthcare here - another long, boring story - I'm in the States, of course). Our main Headache guy, Dr. Andrew Charles, has been interviewed about the overuse of MRIs for Migraine; MRIs are great for diagnosing OTHER brain issues but, with adequate headache evaluation, an MRI won't show anything that other kinds of tests will. If your specialist suspects something more serious (due to previous head injury, for instance, or if they want to rule out stroke), an MRI might be called for - might even save your life!). It's still hard to find a "treatment" for Migraine however, so good luck to you!

  • I've actually got a good thing for my migraines. I take Clonidine Hydrochloride two twice a day and if I start to get a bad head I take Naramig. Within an hour of taking Naramig my head is better. It leaves me feeling drowsy and under the weather but the headache is gone. The flashing lights are a first for me. I was worried at first I was having a stroke or something. I'm just getting the blood pressure thing sorted at the moment. I think if I had it too often I would be referred to the hospital. I've suffered with migraines for as long as I can remember. I think I had a few years when they weren't as bad. I had the usual symptoms. A really bad head mostly on one side. I couldn't stick even a chink of light and sometimes I would be sick. I wouldn't even call a Dr as I couldn't stand anyone near me or even the slightest sound. I'm touching wood when I say this but I haven't had a really bad one for quite a while. If I feel one coming on I take a Naramig. Good luck to you as well. I hope you will eventually find something.,

  • Hi, Thanks for info where would l buy Clonidine and Naramig?

  • Hi Doughnut. I'm afraid it has to be prescribed by a Dr. X

  • ok thank you what sort of side affects are there, one drug Dr prescribed was on an A4 leaflet with so many l decided not to take. x

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