Has anyone had botox on the forehead, neck etc? I have just had my second round of my initial trial to see if I am eligible. The first lot I had no problems ans it significantly eeduced my really intense headaches (I am a sufferer of cluster headaches) but I still had dull aches most days. I had my second lot on 13th Jan and am now suffering from a really droopy left eyelid, I know this can happen but does it resolve itself it's making life difficult as I can't see properly and everything looks cross eyed and also I have been having really bad trouble sleeping even though I am on sleeping tablets, I don't know if this can be a side effect or whether the time was just a coincidence and it's to do with my depression. And my headaches are back...yay!!

If anyone has any experience of these injections I'd be grateful to here your results/any odd side effects you maybhave had?


L x

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  • I have had Botox three times. Never helped my headaches. I had horrible side effects the second time. Your eye drooping can happen. It should go away within three months. Sorry you are going through this. It was pretty horrible for me too.

  • I've been having Botox for over a year now, every three months & swear by it. It gets a little better everytime I have another lot. Just work through the pain & hopefully you'll see lasting results soon :)

  • Had BOTTOX twice, never worked for me, had terrible side effects - worse second time.

    I think it works for some people and not for others...

  • I've Botox many times, the first time I had it my neck was in so much pain for 2 months I didn't think it was worth it even though it helped the migraines. When I went in for my second round I told them about my neck and they spread out the injections in that area and it was so much better. Ever since then they've spread them out and its wonderful. It reduces my migraines by half and I was having about 20 a month.

  • Hmmm. So basically the verdict is out!! I just look like a right plonker with my eye like this and it's giving me headache cos it's half closed so having to focus more! Also don't think it benefits me enough, I was having the GONIs before which helped more than the botox did but still wasn't 100% but my neurologist didn't think they lasted long enough only 3 months ish not the 6 months to a year that he thinks they should...thankyou all for sharing your experiences it's really helpful...wish there was something they could do for us all that would stop our headaches for good :) xx

  • I have had just had a second round of botox. Did you rub your forehead after the injection where it hurt? That can spread the botox down into the eye muscles. The first round I have took 6-8 weeks to have any effect, but it did reduce the intensity, and frequancy of my migraine and also reduced the photophobia and nausea. I have since developed what I think are hemiplegic migraines ( with some other weird symptoms too), the Pain Dr is hopeful tha the 2nd round will help with those too. I hope things settle for you,


  • No rubbing here I'm normally pretty good. I think it's because she said she always has x amount of botox left so did I want it in a specific place where the pain is worse else she just throws it away so she put extra in my eyebrows as my headaches (cluster) have a very specific place where they come it's like I could open my skin and pull it out, it is always either around one of my eyebrows/eyes or somewhere on the forehead. I'm thinking this is probably why altho she did both brows but only one droopy lid!!! Hope yours works for you

    L x

  • It was just a thought! My Dr does says its a possible side effect, but he has never seen it happen. Fortunately it does wear off, but that's no help for you at the moment. Sorry not to be of any help!

  • Don't be sorry any input is good input...every idea helps. Cos even if I'm pretty sure I didn't rub it I can make sure I'm fully aware if I do have another round. I think it maybe cos I don't have migraines that it's not been so successful and as I said I hope yours is more successful with round 2! I think I'm just lucky getting this as a side effect...gotta go back to work friday aswell!!!

    L x

  • I have just had the first few days totally symptom free=no headache and full use of both hands for 3 days! Hope this is a sign of things to come, I have been off work for 31/2 months and am going back at the beginning of Feb (can't get a meeting with my manager until then) so am making the most of being pain free and decorating my bedroom and getting fit again-basically living a normal life, just hope it continues.


  • Wow! That's amazing :) so happy for you, and if it gets you back to work and normality it will totally change your life. Fingers crossed it lasts...make sure you still take it easy for a little while, painting gives the healthiest people a headache!!!

    L x

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