Hemipligic migraine

Can anyone give me any advice on their experiences when they get hemipligic migraine. I'm seeing a neurologist this week. I've been suffering with them for last three years but only twice a year and not as bad as this episode! Two weeks ago I had one then two weeks of headaches ! But Friday I was having a coffee and out of the blue my face and arm went weak and numb but no headache I ended up asking a shopper for help and calling an ambulance ! In hospital they reassured me it was not a stroke but I need to be seen by a neurologist! I'm now scared to be alone in complete fear . Since Friday I've had another two episodes ! I get a strange feeling then within next 5 mins face goes weak down left side and arm sometimes extends to my left leg ! I then feel so scared and panicky ! Yesterday I sat an hour no headache just weak face but looking in mirror I could smile raise my eyebrows and stick my tongue out so tried to reassure myself it's not a stroke! Eventually the weak face lifted and a very mild migraine appeared on the right side! Sorry for long message just so scared ! Why is it happening every day? How can I learn to relax as don't want to give in to this? I don't feel confident to be by myself but on Monday my partner will be at work!

Anyone ever experienced facIal weakness arm and leg associated with a mild migraine?

Thanks for anyone's own experiences and thoughts .

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  • Hi Meg, I am sorry to read you post, my heart goes with you 💗

    I always had migraines but for the last 10 years they've turned into hemiplegic migraines and it's horrendous.

    It's debilitating and scary, my times I've been admitted to the hospital actually thinking I was having a stroke.

    Just now, I'm coming out of an episode as we speak but I've been in bed extremely sick for the last 72 hours.

    Mine usually last 4 days non stop and the pain is unbearable.

    Like many people in here, I've tried so many treatments and all result in disappointment....

    I started the botox in October and this migraine I had now was the first one I had since the botox that knocked me completely... There's hope.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi I too suffer with Hemiplegic migraine & it is very frightening, I get the classic numbness & tingling, down one side of my body & also get a heavy limp, slurred speech & severe head pain. However I also get what we call a mini, all the neurological symptoms but no pain whatsoever, so it isn't unusual, try not to worry, the fact that you are seeing the neurologist will be very reassuring as they will be able to rule anything more serious out. They tried me on all manner of medication, the only thing that stopped the migraine firing continuously for me was Amitriptyline.

    All the best


  • Hi Meg, I also suffer with hemiplegic migraines and have been admitted into hospital twice as they thought I was having a stroke. I lose my speech and swallow reflex, as well as numb arm and side of face. I hope the neurologist will reassure you there is nothing sinister happening as it is very frightening. I had a 3 month course of topiramate and am on amitriptyline at night. You will learn to live with this and slowly get over feeling so scared. I told all my friends and colleagues so if this happens again, they know what is happening and not to call an ambulance. Wishing you all the very best,

  • Thank you for your positive reply I'm seeing the neurologist tonight. I hope I get some answers as I'm still nervous about Tia/ m s ! My headaches eased just left with sore neck weak arm and facial tingling! X-ray shows I have a neck issue so need m r I ! Will see what the consultant suggests today x

  • Good luck and please let us know how you get on

  • Hi Meg I have suffered with migraines since I was 20 I am now 53.I started getting hemiphlegic migraines about 6 years ago.Yes I thought I had ,had a serious stroke.No speech,no use in my left arm,had to be helped to the toilet for two days straight,the pain was like labour pains in final stages,horrifying. Was taking 10 different tablets but now only taking Topiramate 2 a day 100mg,suffered a few side effects at first but now good,only one day in bed in two months where as normally it would be about 8 to 10 by now.I also have Zomig for emergencies.Keep in mind.Best of luck and hope you get relief.xx

  • You're on the same dose as me.

    I've started the botox and I was singing praises as I didn't get any migraines for almost 2 months.

    Over this weekend I just got one, 4 days as usual, so sick Omg! I can't even describe it. No action on the right side of face, arm, hardly can walk, can't keep balance, can't talk properly... This is a nightmare.

  • I had this type of migraine symptom....really horrific with stroke like symptoms. It was caused by an auto onmune disease and I saw a rheumatologist rather than a neuro (who wss unable to diagnose me). That got me on the road to diagnosis. If you have other health issues particularly...ibs...joint pian...fatigue....there may be another cause. X

  • Hi, Im 21 and was diagnosed with Hemiplegic Migraines in may. They thought i may have had a brain tumour or a bleed on the brain and thankfully they both came back negative. My specialist told me that i had had a 'thunderclap' headache which caused me to be in bed for 6 weeks with the left side of my body being paralysed. I get a hemiplegic migraine every other day now, had to lower my hours at work etc. I have been on about 10 different types of medication all of which were unsuccessful. But recently i had been to a private doctor to have a 'Greater optical nerve block' injection and it has changed my life. For the first time in about 9 months i had no headache or face droop. I have to have one every 10 weeks now. As i cant live and rely on this treatment i will have to try more medications and even botox. This year has been shit to put it plainly lol got to try to stay positive. If anyone else feels my pain please reply I feel very alone aha!!

  • I have Hemiplegic migraine with all the stroke like and weakness symptoms described here. I do not get the headache. Even after I knew what was happening to me I was still scared but now after so many I'm not scared anymore. They are just annoying! Sometimes they change pattern and thankfully they are mild at the moment. The doctors think that I am having abdominal migraine instead of the headaches as my digestion stops for up to 72 hours. Mine are also triggered by my menstrual cycle.

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