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Taking melon for Migraine

I have been told by a friend, a very reliable nurse that eating melon is very good for relieving the symptoms of migraine. He says he was told this by an old Jewish Doctor who used to treat migraine sufferers during and after the war. As soon as the person felt a migraine attack starting, the Doctor advised them to start eating melon (quantity not sure) and continue for the minimum of a fortnight. I have posted this subject before, and to date have had one success, a lady who had quite a few attacks (lasting 4 days minimum) who was up and about in 24 hours. The melon cannot do any harm so would like to know if their is anyone who feels like trying it to perhaps help?

I would be very interested in any feedback. Thank you.

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Hello.. I haven't tried this but may give it a go! I've suffered for years with headaches and have now developed chronicle daily ones.. Some days aren't so bad but generally take painkillers each day and naramig when I get a bad one. I've tried most treatments/medications with some success but having had an extremely stressful few months I am going through a very difficult period. My doctor has given me some occipital nerve injections and Botox in my neck and shoulders so fingers crossed this gives some relief. It's interesting to hear other peoples stories on here and not feel so alone with this horrible illness


I will give it a go and get back to you on it. Do you know what type of melon?


I love melon so would love to give it a go, I have been diagnosed with post trauma headaches and migraines on a chronic basis have had either a severe headaches or migraines for over 3 and a half years and not a day goes by without me having at least a severe headache tried 6 different meds, 3 otc and 3 that i have been prescribed and none have helped, last one helped somewhat but still got at least 1 migraine a week now i've got taken off them about 6days ago had 4 migraines since.

Will give the melon thing a try and tell you how it goes, I'm willing to try anything the doctor's and neurologists don't know if they will ever go :(

Thank you for putting this up on the site :)


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