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Migraine phone in on This Morning


A friend text me today to say "they are having a migraine phone in on This Morning today, you might pick up some tips?" I was tempted to say, that having suffered migraine for 18 months I could probably host the phone in! They had Prof Peter Goadsby on, the Head of Neurology at Kings College, I've heard of him on this site.

Oddly he seemed to infer that all migraines are due to hormones, as it's women that suffer the most, but I have always been told there are NUMEROUS causes of migraine and that's why there are numerous treatments.

An 18year old woman called in, saying she had migraine every day since she was 15. Eammon the host couldn't quite believe it, repeating incredulously "every day", and Ruth chipped in, "it must be so hard to live in constant pain and not be able to sleep because of it". YES, I'm sure many on here know how that feels?!

I wait until the end of the phone in, will I hear about any new drugs, will they mention any new treatments? No, the top guy in the country is on TV and all he can suggest is get yourself off to a migraine specialist (especially him at £300 a visit) If you haven't at least got the help of a specialist Doctor or Headache Clinic already, then you are not suffering from the debilitating effects of migraine. AND, having had specialist treatment for over a year, they have not been able to control my migraine

The only new medication I have heard that is being made for migraineurs is Erenumab but since it was mentioned in the press again 4 months ago I've not read anything more......any one know?

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Oh i watched that too ( after receiving txt msgs from everyone i know ).

Thought it was pretty uninformative, didn't say anything i never heard before.

And as for "your migraines will probably dissappear if your pregnant " .... i had migraines start to stop with both my pregnancies! !!


Gosh I hope I don't get pregnant as I'm nearly 50, but hey, it's the only thing I haven't tried ;-)

I had bladder problems from the age of 17, funny enough, the Urology Consultant also told me that getting pregnant might cure my problem, er, no it didnt! 🙄

Honestly i sometimes wonder what they specialise in 😂😂

Yep no migraine s when I was pregnant!

Gee this is hard to read! 1. There is a lot of money to be made from other people’s misery 2. Mine are due to hormones but we know that’s not true of everyone! 3. There are no new answers because nobody knows not even the experts 4. New drugs to the market take years to produce and once available will only be free on NHS if you have 15 or more migraine days a month ( I’m guessing) otherwise be prepared to fork out thousands for it!

Keep reading as much as you can about this rotted disease and try various things for yourself to see what helps. Good luck

I’ve had chronic migraine for 32 years....exhausted all preventatives available.....awaiting new injection I believe to be available this Autumn. My only relief was when I was pregnant. You’d think they would be able to give you something to trick your body into thinking it was pregnant. I was told I would be migraine free after menopause.....18 months later and I’m still waiting.

I don't know why that 'expert' says, 'all migraines are due to hormones' ! There are so many reasons/triggers ! Many of them are not even heard of, for example - a child/young adult can have constant headache due to muscle Imbalance in their eyes.

The two eyes normally work together. Some problems in this binocular harmony (Technically called Phorias, convergence insufficiency, accommodative insufficiency etc) can lead to horrible headache and migraine. It is no way related directly to hormone, but then again, without hormones nothing happens properly in our body! So that professor may have a point, but I would say it is not helpful to say this.

Have to say I was disappointed in this too. Top professor and we got nothing. However looking forward to seeing what he has to say on the migraine forum in a weeks time. He's the first one on

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