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First round of Botox for chronic migraine - HELP!

I had round one of Botox 2 weeks ago and have been so poorly since. Constant headaches & daily migraines & really pains in the back of my skull where I had some of the injections. I also found cos I had a migraine at the time of having the Botox I found it really painful, so hoping it isn't this painful in round two. I have had two weeks of being off work sick & I am due to go back in three days but not looking forward to it. Feeling light headed & not fully with it. Also feeling really emotionally too. Is anyone else feeling like this?

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What a shame! I've had botox for some time for chronic pain / migraine. Sometimes, if there's a migraine lurking in the background the botox will trigger one. I got one about 10 minutes afterwards once. Other times, if I've had the injections when I've been well I've had no other problems at all afterwards.

If the injection points are sore anyway it does seem to make the pain flare up for me. I suppose it's like stubbing your toe and then deliberately smacking it with a hammer.

The other thing I remember is that the doctor who does my injections has said that it sometimes take 10-14 days before everything settles down again.

I'm not surprised you feel emotional - it's disappointing to feel so rotten after a treatment that's supposed to make you feel better. Hope you get well soon.


Your post could of been written by me. I also had botox 2weeks ago and I'm feeling just the same. I had a migraine when the injections were done. The increased headpain is crazy. Not to mention the migraines each day which seem to get worse. Pain at the back of the head and stiff painful neck. I do hope you and me start to feel better soon.


When did you ultimately start feeling relief? I had my first botox treatment ten days ago and still have a stiff, achy neck and little change in my migraines. Also worth noting that I am on beta blockers and I'm getting weaned off topiramate (currently down to 50mg daily). Thank you and I hope you're all doing better!


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