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Blurry vision and headache


I suffer with a squint in my right eye, which causes a lot of symptoms. I had an operation when I was 9, but it's all gone down hill. I've woken up with blurry vision in my right eye and an extreme headache when looking around. Anyone have any ideas what this could be?.

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Best to go to see the doctor with any new symptoms. All the best, and hope you feel better soon.

Thank you so much!

I agree with the first reply. I think because migraines cause so many weird symptoms we assume that whatever we have is probably migraine but it might not be. Something new like this should be investigated. Good luck hope you get the support you need.

Animallover09 in reply to 1518

Thank you so much! That's so kind x

If you're in the UK,especially in London, go to Moorfields or Western Eye Hospital 24 hour casualty department - if there's a significant issue with your eye, they will deal with it much more quickly than waiting for the GP. Headache combined with blurry vision in one eye may be something serious in the eye.

Thank you so much! I'm in the UK, so definitely will consider that. I'm speaking to the doctor tomorrow. Thank you and hope you're well x

If he suggests you go (and he should) ask him for the phone numbers of both - I know they're open, but may have some sort of management system in place for social distancing due to Covid. Western Eye is the Marylebone Road, Moorfields in the City. Usually a bit of a wait when you get there, but they are the experts in eyes and will deal with whatever it is the same day.

You are honestly an angel! Thank you so much. I'm definitely prepared. May as well live up the hospital! Keep safe :)


I had a squint identified when I was very young, had to use eye patches etc and with the use of glasses it’s not been too bad up until about a year ago, I’m 36 now. I got a migraine with aura after playing football. Then a load of weird symptoms along with it, blurred vision, eye strain, eye pain, headaches, silent migraines - very hard to deal with when I have never experienced such things before.

I was referred to a neurologist who did a scan of my brain and all was normal there - he suggested my brain needed retraining so sent me away to do a lot of sport. Things didn’t improve over 6 months so I went back to the doctors and forced them to send me to an ophthalmologist, he then referred me to an orthoptist I think she was, she specialised in the muscles of the eye. Anyway - within 5mins of being in her room she said she knew what was wrong, it is related to a squint and i think is called micro-esotropia with identity decompensating - essentially my eye muscles are being lazy - this is causing all of the symptoms according to the specialist.

I have another appointment to see a specialist in this area, but it has been pushed back because of covid-19, they are saying I will need either Botox injection into the muscle or potentially surgery.

Sorry it was long, just wanted to share my experience so you know you are not alone. Keep pushing for answers and you’ll get there eventually.


Thank you so much for your reply. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. My story is quite similar. I was diagnosed with 3 eye conditions when I was 2 (including a squint). I tried multiple eye drops, exercises, patches, etc, but nothing worked. I had surgery when I was 9, which helped so much! About 3 years ago, it all went down hill and I developed new symptoms. My ophthalmologist said that the area of my brain that controls my eyes doesn't function properly. I have epilepsy too. Obviously due to covid-19, I haven't had any appointments (same with you), but it's possible that I might need another operation. It's really difficult, especially as people don't see the scary symptoms we suffer with (unless my eye is stuck outwards). Hope you get your condition finally sorted too. Keep safe :)

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