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Hello. Has anyone experienced head noises linked to daily headaches and 2/3 weekly migraines?

My periods stopped suddenly 12mths ago. Daily headaches and head noises (electrical/static type) began shortly after that and migraine with aura becoming more and more frequent. Awaiting MRI scan and meanwhile taking pregabalin 3 x 50mg daily (2wks) and started Amitrips 1x 25mg (1wk) . Had migraine since puberty when they were very severe but gradually decreased in frequency and severity until last year. Thank you for reading this!!

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Hi, I've never experienced head noises with migraine before so going for MRI scan is good to put yr mind at rest as its probably another migraine symptom! I do get tinnitus sometimes with migraine which apparently is normal. What struck me when I read your question was the link between migraine and yr hormones. Have you thought of taking hrt or looking into a natural hormonal balance remedy? I,m not sure from yr post if you,ve gone through menopause or yr periods just stopped for no reason?

I believe hormones are the biggest trigger for migraine. I,ve had them since taking combined pill (big mistake) that was 24years ago. I had no migraines when pregnant with all 3 of my children but loads when breastfeeding. Now I seem to get one at ovulation then 1-2 around period.

I am currently using natural progesterone cream which you can buy online which seems to have stopped the ovulation migraine but not the dreaded ones with periods. I am going to try soy isoflavones next which another lady on here reccomennded, but there are many other herbal remedies to try.

Good luck and hope you find some relief soon :)


Thank you so very much for that Julia. I am 56yrs old so yes, in the menopause, ugh!! I am making an appointment with GP to request HRT. My docs seem very anti HRT but its my guess they'e never had a migraine.Will certainly take your advice re natural remedies, no side effects with them. Thank you again for taking the time to reply. Happy Easter, Angie


Yes I know how you feel, I,ve seen drs,neurologists etc and they are all adamant that it's not hormones?! Well I know my body better than them and the things that have happened with pregnancy etc cant be coincidental.I refuse to take the medications they offer me as I would rather suffer the migraines than have permanent side effects but that's my choice.

I,m sure there are many other triggers that don't help but I think the main culprit is hormonal for many. It's a case of trial and error with remedies and there are many natural ones to choose from.

I do also find that exercise and yoga do offer great stress relief and get the endorphins going which helps a lot when you feel like your body is constantly letting you down in other ways!

Don't give up there is plenty of information online

Happy easter :)


I,ve just stumbled across an interesting link that you may be interested in

I was looking at whether I can use natural progesterone and soy isoflavones together and this came up which is related to menopause.


Thanks again Julia, will certainly look that up. So kind of you to let me know. Refuse to give in (its a woman thing)!!

Kind regards and take care yourself XX


I have almost constant tinnitus. It's worse if I'm having a bad migraine. A couple of months ago I got a new noise in my right ear which was so loud and irritating I went to the doctor about it, but she said there was nothing wrong and I'd just have to live with it (hate that expression, what do people think I'm doing?) I went on the RNID website (it's not the RNID anymore but I can't remember their new name), read all about it, and decided not to worry. It's just how it is and a minor annoyance, though I can see how awful tinnitus can be for some people.

The new noise has settled down - or maybe I've got used to it. It did come back for a while. I've also had a recurrence of a purring sound in my left ear, which I had during my first pregnancy 12 years ago, and was told it was "hormonal".

I have a lot of neck problems and know that the noises vary depending on my head position.


Thank you teadrinker. I have an appointment after my MRI scan to discuss having a 'white noise' receptor inserted in my ear to help with tinnitus, which, like you, is much worse with migraine. It was interesting to hear about your neck problems as I have similar problems and have wondered if there is a connection with the tinnitus. Sorry your doctor was so unhelpful. there is no cure as we know but there is a lot of support. I will keep you informed of any progress.


I hope your appointment goes OK. My mum has tinnitus as a result of severe hearing loss. She has suffered from this for many years and initially found it very distressing. But she says it doesn't worry her anymore. Occasionally she gets episodes where she describes everything as sounding as if its under water, which is frustrating, but most of the time she has learnt to cope with the problems. She eventually had hearing aids - and wished she'd had them earlier! - but doesn't use anything for the tinnitus.

I guess some people can just get used to it.


hI there, i do so very much get head noise especially when i'm stressed as i can't stand traffic sounds i have too wear ear plugs, if i have nightmares the sound in my head wakes me im living in dread of my next aura migraine, i don't take drugs of any kind as the side effect were worse.i am getting more of them since the weather is gone so cold.its sad that in this day and age we can't find a cure.


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