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Any other ideas??

Has anyone been told by their GP, nurse or consultant that they've tried everything and they don't know what else to do? I am feeling hopeless.

34yrs, mum of 3yr old, working, lots commitments/interests, dieting, enjoy cycling/swimming/walking when well.

Been told I'm in worst 5% migraine sufferers in the UK (although no idea if that's true!) as was put forward for a clinical trial, but that didn't help, and now I have to wait 3 months to see my consultant as I fell off their books! I really want a preventative rather than just a treatment once an attack has set in as it can last up to a week!

Over the years I have tried:

Hormone treatment/contraceptives (various)

Antidepressants (amitriptyline)


Mefanamic Acid


Epilepsy drugs (topirimate)

Reflexology, massage, Acupuncture

Botox (medically by neurology consultant)

Vagal nerve stimulation

Can't have beta blockers as have asthma

Triptans are only thing to help with attacks

Hoping someone has some ideas for me to share with my GP (consultant appt isn't til end April)

Thanks in advance.

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What type of migraine do you have? I too found nothing worked and was told i was an anomaly! !

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Triggers are time of month (few days before for a week) stress, flashing/flickering lights, heat, sitting awkwardly, medications,, tiredness and the mother in law!! Ha ha. Start back of neck and in one eye. Blurred vision if not treated. Nausea, sometimes vomiting. Last up to a week. Frequency every 10 days but rarely more than 4-6 days break.

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Ohhh yes!! All mine!! But cheese, chocolate,, citrus fruit/drinks are triggers for me too.

You tried any suppliments? I know, sounds hocus pocus but the right combo does help! !

Imigran injections are my vice when the flashing starts but ice on the nape of my neck and temples have stopped a few in their tracks.

I also found i had a problem with my jaw!!

Daily migraines for 3yrs ( 4 random days with no pain, not consecutive, it was like i reached my peak and it turned pain off)

Herbal gp made me a tincture after a consult and I'm finally getting them under control 😣 hormone influx sorted.


Hello. I too suffer with menstrual migraine. I think mine is menstrual related migraine as I get them st other times of the month.

Have you tried Frovatriptan? It is supposed to be good for menstrual migraine as it lasts a long time, half life is 26 hrs I think. There is some research being done to use it as a preventative measure too.

Also topiramate is used for migraine prevention. But you've tried this

Pregabalin is used for prevention too. Maybe ask if you could try that?

Have you tried any other antidepressants? As lots can help, I know fluoxetine is used for PMS, usually lower dose than for depression. That may help.

Menstrual migraine is awful. I feel for you. I'm currently taking Amitriptyline but for depression/anxiety and I didn't have a migraine with my last period.

Hope u find some help and relief x


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