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Does magnesium L-threonate benefit migraine sufferers?


My wife suffers from migraines and was prescribed a magnesium supplement in the form of magnesium oxide. I'm wondering if anyone has tried magnesium L-threonate, a form of magnesium purportedly better absorbed by the brain. If anyone has used this form of magnesium on a consistent basis, have you had positive results?

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Thanks for the post. I took magnesium citrate for more than 15 yrs. And recently switch to magnesium glycinate and my migraine have stopped. I am.also taking it 3x a day, which really makes a difference. I take 1 in the am, then by noon I feel a migraine coming on so I take another then need another around 6pm.

This process has really changed my pain level and how often I even feel pain.

I also take 1 feverfew. I use no other medications and this has been life changing.

My suggestion is start to take it and if there is no change switch in 6 months. But make sure it is taken 3x daily. I also take 100mg. I was told I should take up to 500mg daily. I am only at 300mg

Good luck.

Also have you listened to the "heads up" podcast? So helpful..

There Is so much conflicting information on the type of magnesium one should take. The migraine world trust says it should be magnesium chelated, others say magnesium citrate. I’ve been taking the chelated with VitB2. Headaches are less intense and less frequent but not stopped

Have you considered adding Feverfew? This has really helped me a lot. Also, I wonder how. Often you take the Magnesium? I must take mine at least 3x daily. At lunch time I feel the migraine come back so I take a dose after I eat lunch. Then again in early evening. I should do the same with the Feverfew ( my internal medicine doctor recommended this)

But it makes me gain to much weigh, so I use it 1x in the am.

Hope this helps. Best of luck !

I take 400mg at once with the VitB2. Also started VitB12. I have tried feverfew before in the past. I keep swapping and changing hoping to find my miracle cure.


If you have been taking this for a long time and don't really see a change, I would try it 4x a day (100mg) or 200mg in the am.and then 100mg lunch and again at bed time.

Good luck

Magnesium oxide will likely go right through your wife, unless she is chronically constipated. It is the least absorbable form and that is why it goes right through you. The L threonate for is best for migraines, but sometimes each person absorbs a different form better. It helps, but not a cure for many. A tool. Good luck.

Hello. My neuro just started me on magnesium oxide for migraines with aura. I can report back a bit later to share the results if you want. I have no idea if it will work but keeping my fingers crossed. The theory is is that migraine suffers dont have enough magnesium and so it causes inflammation in the body and thus migraine. Hope this helps.

Just curious how much and how often?

400 mgs once a day

That did not work for me, I take it 3x a day and this is the answer for me. I also switched to magnesium glycinate ( there are 4 or5 different types).

Also Feverfew is recommended 3x daily.

I hope it is that simple...

Good luck!

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