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Headache calendar?


I saw the Neurologist today and he told me that I need to start keeping a headache calendar. Has anyone done this before? Do you know of a good format or what should be on it. They want to start me on Amgen and I have to have 2 months filled out before I can start it.


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Hello. I had to keep a diary for three months before l could start Botox, which, had very limited success. As a daily sufferer on the spectrum of headache to full on migraine l found it a laborious task. When your not well, completing a diary at the end of the day if no fun. I tried to do it first thing in the morning for the day before but for various reasons l would forget or not feel well enough. Good luck.

You will need to record the time, strength and length of the migraine and what you took for it along with the recovery time.

It's all a paperwork exercise so your neurologist can prove you are a genuine candidate .l had to have had at least 15 migraines a month to qualify.

My neurologist is trying all kinds of treatment including medication and blocks to help me reduce the amount of triptans l use.

Wishing you all the best.


Hi, I used the templates on here:

migrainetrust.org/living-wi... put everything on it and my Doctor was really pleased with it

Hope it helps,


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