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What really happens at the end of Nineteen Eighty-Four? It's so depressing. I think I know, but maybe there's room for a different ending?

No one will answer this question. Just thought I should ask it anyway. What's the harm, right? I'm asking it because the book, alongside many other things, was the thing that made me depressed.

It all seemed pretty staged. And Winston told lies to try and make sense of his life. Big Brother also told lies. The entire system did. But I believe that Winston had his reasons. Anyone can see why he didn't escape. And I know that Big Brother wanted to maintain the semblance of normality. Sometimes cracks appear in the system! He can see them. At the same time, Winston had to be part of the system, love the system, or he had to try and tresspass against it.

Here's my really terrible poem about Winston Smith. No meter at all. Just fragments, really! It's not artistic at all! Boredom drove me here! ENJOY!

Free his mind!

Should listen to triggers and cues!

Shouldn't listen to triggers and cues!

Had to QUESTION his surroundings!

Had to, maybe, get up and escape from his job!

So many times when he might have done, and he didn't!

So many scrawls in the diary!

And so many staged events in his world!

So many staged events that he, himself, had put on.

And all this insanity!

And could trust no one!

Yet could trust every one!

Free his mind!

Matrix style!

Anyway, it sounds really silly (quite embellished, really), but that book made me incredibly depressed; (I think it was the one thing that sent me over the edge - when I had finished reading). I think it was the main thing that caused my depression :) I was incredibly emotional, particularly because of the telescreens. He might have committed social suicide! But I genuinely think he can do it! In the sequel, he can get out!

I'm not going to read too much now. Maybe I should just do something incredibly crazy! Maybe I should just go to the brand new Tresspass shop and buy loads of skiing equipment - that might be really random, but it might make me feel loads better! And I've always felt like I could have been an actress in another life! The Tresspass thing wont happen, of course. Not yet. Though it's always a possibility. CONFORMITY causes depression, right? So here we go.

Everything seems incredibly quiet now. It's all very interesting.


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I know that feeling of wanting to burst out of some crazy world. Why not do something really mad, just as long as it's not something that will hurt yourself or others. Something really completely out of character, crazy. Life has to have madness in it, otherwise we are just conforming meaninglessly to an empty world.



Again, Sue, a really good answer. I suppose the question is almost irrelevant! :) I think I'm feeling slightly better. Doing random things that I think are out of character does help. But only things that will benefit me.

Someone said that you were a 'pillar of support' on here. It's completely true.


Oh thank you, that's really kind. But at times I also find the website really helpful for me too, we all have problems in coping with life at times and the website is a way of contacting people when we don't have alternative forms of support available.

I've been really lucky over Christmas in that I've been able to write daily, like a journal, to someone I'm very attached to and although it's not nearly as good as seeing someone supportive it has enabled me to remain reasonably ok despite having had a throat/chest infection all over the Christmas and New Year period. I find your answers to people supportive too!



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