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Anxiety on the job

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I'm just looking for some advice. What do or have you done when its come to you jobs and anxiety? I worked in the OR for 7 years and this last August I felt I needed a change i wasn't being treated fairly and I wanted to get out of healthcare. So I took a job closer to home for a pay cut. It was the biggest mistake of my life. The job I went to was so much work it turned my anxiety and depression to 1000. I found another job but I'm starting with the anxiety around co workers and feeling like I'm a failure abd I habe no idea what to do with my life.

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I went into horticulture or gardening. You don’t have to worry about people too much

I am very insular with people and never really mix.

All I can suggest is you consider approaching your past employer and see if they will take you back

Have you tried the Agency route to do similar work, even if it is just temporary. until you can get yourself sorted. This route may help you in the future get a position you will enjoy

I have been out of work now for many years. Now at seventy I always try to keep myself active that seems to be working especially

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