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Eating and anxiety

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Hi everyone, my first time posting but I didn't know where else to ask this. I suffer from general anxiety and low self-esteem, and have been very up and down for the past few weeks. Whenever I'm on a down, the first thing that happens is I don't want to eat, even though I feel hungry and my tummy is rumbling. I try and force myself to eat bits, but meals are out of the question. Has anyone else felt like this, and how do you overcome it?

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Hello . Personally I have the other problem with over eatting but under eatting and having lack of appetite is very common. You can try a meditation

Here is an article which gives you tips/ information :

Take care 🐼

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Thank you for your reply, I am going to look at these to hopefully help 😁

Hello Porange85 I can empathise with you, I find having to eat incredibly annoying! My ability to look after myself is at its lowest in my life, so I do not cook at all.

I order food which is expensive, but because there’s so much choice I can usually find something that I sounds appetising, even if it’s just dessert.

The easiest thing for me to eat is fruit because there’s no real prep. As I spend most of the day in my room, I have a fruit bowl by my bed to make everything as easy as possible. I also keep packets of crisps or something similar in my room. I enjoy pistachios so I have a bag of them.

It’s very difficult to eat when you truly have no interest, but giving yourself a goal of like one banana or something per day is important. Also, drink all the water! I have a large water bottle which I just fill in the bathroom. The kitchen is downstairs, but that might as well be outside it feels so far.

I hope this has been helpful, and if you want to discuss more, you’re very welcome to DM me. I was looking up Huel the other day, a brand of nutritional drinks. There are other brands too which are meals you can drink. They are expensive though, but you can look out for offers. The thought of never having to chew ever again sounds like bliss!

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Porange85 in reply to Cephalopod

Thank you for your reply. I find at the minute I have to just grab easy things as I go through the day, however healthy or not that may be! I totally agree with the never having to chew!!

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Cephalopod in reply to Porange85

Grabable food for the win! Definitely keep that up, you’re doing the best you can

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Porange85 in reply to Cephalopod

Aren't we all 😁 take care

Hi Porange85, it's usually the other way round, when you eat away your anxieties. If this persists, I would see your GP or get some professional help. It is important to stay fit and healthy, especially if you have CLL. I have been told by more than one Specialist, that if we do this, we have better outcomes in the event we ever need, chemo, or surgery.

I personally, finds hat this a good motoivator, in making sure I do all I can in that department. So get eating,(Healthy) exercise, keep your wheight down, and think positive. It also helps tp speak to someone you can trust, as I find that is very theaputic. All the best. Ron

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