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Just Started Venlafaxine

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Wondering how people got on with venlafaxine. I been trying several different meds, most of which have given me intolerable side effects. I started venlafaxine 4 days ago and really struggling again with nausea, racing heart etc. I feel no better. Has anyone gone through this and come out the other side? I believe they can make you worse before better, has this happened to anyone?

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How long were you on each of these medications ?

We are all different and so that will effect you with side effects, we are all different so what medication suits one will never suit another. Generally it takes about five weeks to get used to a medication and the number of medications for Depression or Anxiety are not infinate.


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Lola100 in reply to borderriever

On and off different ones for the last 9 months, none have worked so far. Don’t want to get hooked on these and not work.

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borderriever in reply to Lola100

Give your medications time to work chopping and changing is a real problem. You will just maker matters worse whith your attitude, regars regular changes.


I had the same thing happen to me, I tried it a few months ago and it’s left me still with fast heart beat and palpitations. I got took off of that and put on paroxetine which has been really good out of all the meds I’ve ever tried and I’ve been on near everything.

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Lola100 in reply to Flower47

I used to be on paroxetine for years. It stopped working last year 😢

It does works but only when you take it as per prescribed time period offcourse,it can take months for full effects. Nausea, racing heart might eventually settle down as your body gets used to the drug. Watch out for other persistent symptoms such as brain fog, involuntary muscles twitching, jerks in body, and difficulty to stop medicine once you have taken for few months, it needs to be tapered down slow as snail

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