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Does anyone feel at peace with there thoughts. Or am I alone?

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I wish my thoughts are more scrambled than the eggs I just made.


I am trying although today has been very interesting. We had to go out and purchase compost for the garden, then visit the Vet to get Pax His worming pills.

We then visited several other places to sort out various other important jobs in the Bank.

Then we visited Supermarket and I was surprised to see so many shelves still empty. All we went in to post a Parcel. We also managed some dried and fresh fruit and that was it. The town was very peaceful as was the garden Centre , Although the Vet was really busy.

The traffic was very light and we never saw a car for over eight miles, I feel this was my last visit, I felt there was a real uneasiness on the streets, as was the shops so I will now settle in our home.

Amazon has changed it has stopped delivering general good until April Concentrating on medical supplies etc ??