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I'm Victoria. I'm new here. I want to share my stories on here, and hopefully they help other people who struggle. I also look forward to the support that this group has to offer.

I've always struggled with mental health, but it came to my attention in the 10th grade. I had a series of crises, switched schools, and started getting treatment. Before, I had had DBT therapy for my ADHD, which was re-evaluated and confirmed several times over the course of my childhood since I was four. I started going to therapy every week, and went on and off a series of medications regularly. At one point during the eleventh grade, the stress and anxiety took me to a point where I was dangerously suicidal, and I was hospitalized for a week.

I continue to go to therapy regularly, although I'm not on any medications. I'm not entirely stable, but it's not having too much of an effect on my functionality.

My current list of diagnoses is:


Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Persistive Depressive Disorder


R/O Bipolar Disorder unknown type

OCD (skin picking type)

I'm looking forward to getting to know this group!

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Hi and welcome. If your in the Us happy Thanksgiving. I e been in this group and it has been nice to connect with other people or just to vent and get some answers from people like us.

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Welcome to our site Victoria , if from the USA Happy Thanksgiving ?

How can we help


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