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I’m depressed and during my divorce after 21 yrs I realized that I have been depressed for several years. I’m contemplating suicide because my wife asked me to seek help several times but I didn’t listen. Currently I have lost everything - her, my house, job and she and my son are moving 1100 miles away shortly after Christmas. I am 46 and can’t find the motivation to move forward. I still love her more than anything and the reality of it is that I was given opportunity to fix my issues but failed resulting in this outcome. I don’t want to face life this way.

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If in the UK have you tried Relate, they can help if you go along together and discuss your problems

Have you talked to your GP, regards our situation ?


Im in American Ive talks with the GP here he believes medication is the answer. I’ve gotten worse since with the Meds.

They can take a while to work.

I recall a similar feeling when I divorced, for the second time. The feeling of failure was hard for me. I carried on because I was a mother and I had dependent children. I used to tell myself that once they were grown I could end it all. All the pain and suffering, I thought it would never end. People kept telling me it would pass that I’d find someone else. I haven’t found anyone yet and that was 10 years ago. He moved on more quickly within weeks and that hurt more. Despite my lack of a husband or partner I am happy and fulfilled. My youngest child will leave soon but the need to plan my ended finished years ago. I found it helpful to think what can I do about feeling bad rather than when will I stop feeling bad. I found something to be grateful for every day, even if it was getting out of bed or getting dressed. My daughter told me that I am not the same person I was before. Having experience such a great loss I learnt to deal with not only the small stuff but also the massive thing of loosing my mother 2 years ago. I want to leave you with hope. It took years to feel better but eventually I could function. Then when I learnt to function I learnt to cope, when I learnt to cope I gained confidence and learnt to laugh. I learnt to be happy in my new life.

My harsh answer to you is this...when your wife was in discomfort it didn't matter to you. now that you are in discomfort you think something should be done. I think the only thing to do is admit to your selfish behavior and ask for forgiveness. May be if you are sincere she will have you back. You do have a son and a fair amount of time invested, two things in your favor. Pam

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