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because I'm not exactly sure what I want to say. First off I am not looking for sympathy and I don't feel sorry for myself. If I feel anything it's anger. Some of this you have heard before...when I was in my twenties I experienced anxiety, panic attacks , agoraphobia , and an eating disorder. I recovered from all of that mainly because I felt I wasn't living my life. Friends deserted me and family expected me to snap out of it. For a few years, while my children were school age I was fine and enjoying my life. Then I ran into Diabetes , and RLS, I started to gain weight and hypertension appeared. And then one day my heart went crazy, I had Atrial Fibrillation, that was the life changer. I was exhausted all the time. I went from a very full life to almost nothing. I had an ablation and it was very helpful, but in the meantime I developed Osteoarthritis. I spent nearly a year in bed, and I also have asthma. When my brother died Depression came to live with me. So here we are present time.I have been thinking and expecting to recover from some of these conditions. I have been told from one of my Doctors that I will never be well. I think I knew that on some level and I intend to live the most enjoyable life I can. It is not what I thought it would be. Here is the reason for the long history of Pam.... anxiety, panic attacks , depression are things you have some control over. You can recover from them, and they won't hurt you. They are only feelings. When you get to the point of having physical issues your control is limited. Don't give up anymore of your life than you have to . My opinion is you have a better chance of recovery of mental illness than physical. Other thoughts? Pam

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I appreciate your post as always. I always learn from you. I’m in between physical and mental obstacles and can see what you’re saying here. We have more control over the mental than the physical. In my case the two are intertwined and are a vicious circle. Sometimes I don’t know how much one is causing the other but I know I can change my thoughts and that’s where the power lies. I’m ready to tackle this and start living again. Taking action is key. We all know what we need to do. Do it while your body still allows you to.

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