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Mh fear, any help pls?

Whats my fear? Well im 21 years old, ve been suffering from anxiety for these past 3 months (had anxiety before but it went away) I am not on any SSRIS , since I believe I can overcome this naturally . Lately iv been having low moods and I get anxious and I start believing that I might have depression or beginning of depression. All day im thinking “what if I have depression and I end up suicidal?” And my anxiety starts exploding over the roof. I love life and I really wish I can live life to the fullest so I really dont wish to get suicidal. My mind keeps telling me Depression=sucidal so I get anxious more :( . I know my mind keeps playing tricks on me and I really wish to stop these negative thoughts :( any help pls?

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I'm no expert, far from it and only taking the first step today to come onto this site. I have regular mood swings & feel really low at random times, perhaps when I shouldn't. Like you have lots of things to enjoy but for some reason just low mood, lack motivation.

I've been told by drs I have depression but have never really had suicidal thoughts but just not happy & have other issues so don't think that depression = suicadal thoughts. Though as said I'm no expert.

I've been on medication for few years and spoken with drs and what I find helps the most is talking with people. I've seen counsellors & drs and can talk to them but find it really hard to let others know even close friends & family. When I finished speaking to people I feel a little better sometimes so I'm trying to perhaps write things down a bit more, perhaps share thoughts. Might help but I'm going to try.

So perhaps try and write things down to try and might find out through reading back or talking with others some of the triggers that might help you.

Hope you find the right answers.


The question is why are you willing to put yourself through this needless worry ? Wouldn't it be better to find out what is really going on and finding some help or a cure I understand that's it's scary, but not as scary as not knowing .


Hi Anon9621,

I think it's time to get some professional medical help to address your anxiety and low mood. I appreciate you want to steer clear of SSRI's but, they really can help to elevate and stabilize your mood, as they boost your own body's naturally occurring serotonin levels. Starting anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication is not a life sentence, and you may only need them for a short period of time. They are an adjunct to other therapies e.g. talking therapies, to enable better outcomes. Trying to deal with your fears and low mood naturally, may not be achievable, and the pattern of anxious thoughts you describe need addressing from professional psychological help. Here's a link I have found for the Mental Health Association in Malta, which may be a place to start, along with your GP to get the right kind of help and support you need.

Keep in touch, we are listening.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurs


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