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Hi need some support if you would call it that? I’ve seen my mental health nurse today and iam seeing her every fortnight , I have low moods and high moods my moods change all the time , happy moods then I go to a low mood , I was on the way to my appointment today and someone started having a go at me on the bus I didn’t do anything I only put my feet on the seat for a second and every since then I’ve being in a low mood iam taking everything out on everyone all the time , it’s getting to much now 😢 I can’t cope anymore what do I do? Iam on tablets they help me sleep and sort my moods out sometimes but on a night I usually have Better moods! Iam so scared right now don’t know what to do 🔪🔪💊💊💊😭😭😭😭

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Hi Amelia2018 and welcome to this supportive forum. It is good to hear that you are receiving some support from a mental health nurse. Sorry to hear about your upsetting experience on the bus. Try not to upset yourself about this. These things are often more difficult to cope with when we are already feeling upset or unhappy. You will soon start to feel better again. You are coping well. Please be kind to yourself and try to do something you enjoy doing. Your medication is helping you which is good. It may help you to talk to your family of friends about how you are feeling. Please stay on the forum where you will receive support from other members who understand how you are feeling. Are any forum members able to help Amelia2018, please? Thank you and best wishes.


Hi and thankyou! Iam in a better mood today , she said if I feel low then I can call the office and speak to her anytime! I will do il stay on it , you too Hun x


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