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lately my anxiety has lowered to just periods of shaking and non stop worries. this is a very small improvement yet, i cant sleep with my closet nor bathroom door open. i fear the dark as a 6 year old would. my grandmother keeps telling me that i was always misdiagnosed with being manic depressive but i believe it was a true thing. the more i have mood swings the harder life gets everyday and its getting to where i have to promise people i wont do anything stupid. which i wont, i know me. i get scared and chicken out.

help? not very active on website!!!

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Hi there artisticstudent, I am so sorry that you are still having trouble sleeping. That must make you feel very tired during the day and may even increase your mood swings.Have you tried to carry out some relaxation techniques before bedtime, such as having a nice soothing hot bath, avoiding drinking caffeine like drinks, avoiding watching screens and perhaps instead listening to some soothing music. Have a look at the websites for insomnia such as the 'sleep council' which may give you some useful tips on improving your sleep. Also if you are afraid of the dark, which many of us are and this is not something to be ashamed of, you could try having a dim night light which is relaxing.It is a very positive step that your anxiety has lessened a little, and I hope that you continue to talk with your gran and feel supported by her. I am wondering have you seen your GP and have you been diagnosed with bipolar depression. Medication prescribed by your GP. can help to lessen your anxiety and worries, and help control your fluctuating moods. So you may like to see your doctor to discuss treatment to help you feel better, and also counselling may help you to be able to talk through your worries and anxieties. Sometimes keeping a diary and writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you to find triggers that can make you feel more anxious, and in this way to learn strategies to help you feel better.Stay in touch with us here on the forum for further support and suggestions by our friendly and caring members. Hope you feel a bit better soon, take good care of yourself........with very best wishes to you.......


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