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Do i suffer depression?

This is kinda funny, for the last 30 minutes i have answered peoples posts as a professional and yet here i am pondering my own situation. I know factually i hate myself, I have gained a lot of weight due to alcohol, it cant be food because I am really not bothered about eating. The weight makes me hate myself more yet I seem unable to find the motivation to go jogging. I cant currently bear to be around friends or relatives, I cry a lot, I am withdrawn and will sleep as much as i can, I get angry over nothing that in life is that important.

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Hello Skruffs, Welcome to this community. I think we all have times and days when we question our own situation and feelings. Sometimes it's easier to put on a 'professional' hat and respond to others, but I ask you with your 'professional' hat on, how would you respond to yourself, what advice would you give? Maybe therein lies an answer! It is important to care for and get help for yourself, before you can adequately care for others. Maybe it's time to have a chat with your doctor to discuss how you feel and find out what mental health service provisions there is locally. If your weight is a major issue to you, there are a lot of programmes, support groups etc that will fully empathise with how you feel, you are not alone there in disliking your body, and maybe they can encourage you to try a guided weight-loss programme.

What do you folks here think?

Keep posting. Take care.


Hello Skruffs, It's much easier to understand others because we can be objective about them. When it comes to ourselves, not so much . Think about it ; the tongue cannot taste itself. Now, as a professional do you really want people trying to diagnose themselves? You're shooting yourself in the foot. Set a good example and go to a professional. Pam


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