Haloperidol withdrawal

Has anyone tried to come off this drug? I have been on it for about a year after a hospital admission for psychotic depression. Last week I decided to go cold turkey this was a big mistake as I got palpatations, increased anxiety and confusion. Would be really good to know if anyone had been through coming off this drug?. I also take 375 venlafaxine and 30 mirtazapine. But I'm going to stay on these for now as I don't want to risk another hospital admission.

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  • I have not had experience of the drug Haloperidol Mizeiki but I have had experience of Dihydrocoedine which I was on for 16 years .. I have been clean now for 22 months :) I have also used venflafixine and mirtazapine amongst many others .. I am med free now though. Personally i find it helps enormously to be more productive by being clean. Although I realise it is not for everyone

  • My wife is on 2 of the drugs you are on 6.5mg of Haloperidol and 15mg of Mirtazapine has she is on the high form of bipolar and they are helping but gets very sleepy from it

  • Hi Mizeiki, sorry to hear you have recently been unwell.As with most mental illness medications, stopping haloperidol "cold turkey" is not recommended. Discontinuing its use should only be done under supervision from a medical professional with haloperidol withdrawal help. I hope you are now feeling better. I am sure that more people on the forum will share their experiences of this medication and its withdrawal and also provide some support. Please continue to post on the forum. Best wishes.

  • Thanks MasNurse I have an appointment with my psychiatrist in October so I think I'll wait until then to try again. I just get worried they won't understand why I want to come off of it and will just tell me to keep on taking it.

  • Hi I was on haloperidol & when I needed to come off them my psychiatrist weened me off gradually he then introduced another anti-psychotic tablet. I'm also taking venlafaxine 300mgs daily & I also was gradually increased until I reached this amount. I don't have any problems.

  • Hi. I was taking haloperidol for about 6 months & it didn't do me any good so my psychiatrist changed my medication. I didn't have any side effects.

  • Hi. I was taking haliperadol for nearly a year & it never worked for me, my psychiatrist stopped me suddenly . I never had any issues. Then I was titrated onto clozapine, I had to be admitted to mental hospital for 8-9 weeks as they need to keep a close eye on me. I'm also taking venlafaxine 300mgs daily. As for side effects from haliperadol I never had any.

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