hi, I'm new to this.

Just wanted to say Hello

I was always a strong person so finding these feelings really difficult. I was given an online programme by my doctor and I left my job that seemed to be the cause. I completed the course but didnt feel any benefit from it and 2 mths later Im not working and still feel bad. So trying to find something to help me.

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  • Hello and welcome to the forum. Sorry what you tried didn't work. Perhaps your doctor will have other suggestions for you to try.

  • Yes been to GP today and got some tablets to try, so i will hopefully feel better soon.

  • Hello there maxine73

    A very warm welcome to our friendly Community. You'll find our members will offer you a great deal of support and information and please do check out The Shaw Mind Foundations resources here:



  • Welcome, I'm glad you found us and I think you'll find us a hopeful and supportive bunch. Any one can become depressed, and/or anxious.Being a strong person doesn't protect you from human conditions. I will tell you that going through these illness' and recovering will make you very strong. Generally you see a gp , then possibly anti depressants along with therapy. Usually this starts to make you feel better because you are taking charge of your situation. This is what I did, it can be scary because you are facing your fears, but you don't do it all at once. You can go at your own pace. This is always a little different for everyone. If I knew a little more about you I could probably help you more. You will get through this, never doubt it , Pam

  • Thank you for your reply. I have today seen my GP and decided to try anti-depressants. So hopefully I will be feeling better soon.

  • It feels good doesn't it to start helping yourself? I want to caution you , it takes 2/4 weeks before anti-depressants kick in and sometimes you have to try a few before you find the one that works best for you. You may get lucky and hit the right one right off the bat. Let's hope so. Let me know how it's working. Pam

  • Ok thank you. Yes will keep you posted.

  • Welcome here maxine73 You will find various input from members here which will all aid you. This place is wonderful for the healing journey.

    Well done for completing the course. I am sure what you have learnt will be of great benefit to you when the dreariness of depression fades and you see things from a different perspective.

    Once you find employment in a post you enjoy, a routine will establish and give you freedom from the darkness you feel just now.

  • Thank you

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