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Hi, I was recently diagnosed with depression about 4 months ago but I am beginning to think I was diagnosed wrong, I am on anti-depressants currently but they have not seen to help at all if anything it has got worse. I find that I can switch out of these "depressed episodes" and be happy again for a while but ssoon will switch again, I often get into arguments with my family at home (mum and step dad) during the arguments no matter what they say I feel that they are all against me and once the argument has stopped, a few hours later I will realize they were actually trying to help, I find that the majority of the time I am feeling sad wothenless and hopeless, struggle sleeping and also lack of appetite, if anyone can help would be great as I feel really confused at the moment

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  • Hi there Rachel5692

    So pleased you've found our friendly Forum. You're sure to find lots of support and information from our experienced members, take care.


  • Hi it's awful when you have to live in such circumstances. If you have the means to leave home then I think this should be your first step. Are you working? x

  • Hi Rachel5692

    Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time! Depression can come in all different ways, types & shapes & sizes! Dr's may give you medication to see if it helps, but not everyone has the same reaction & sometimes individuals find that the first type of pills are not compatible with their needs! So they go back to their GP after trying the medication & the type or dosage may be changed!

    You said you are still living at home with Mum & Step-dad, do you mind me asking if you are still at school or college? Are Mum & Step-dad involved in your care & mental health wellbeing?

    Depression is not the same for everybody! Some suffer from highs & lows, others totally withdraw, I'm thinking you may be looking for a label for your depression like Bi-polar, Anxiety & Depression or something like that?!?

    There are So many different types of depression & it can take a while to get to any form of or complete diagnosis & you've only recently been diagnosed with depression! Why do you think your diagnosis is wrong? And what do you think you should have been diagnosed with??

    Feeling sad, worthless and hopeless, & struggling to sleep & lack of appetite can be relative symptoms to depression! Sometimes though it can take a while to specify a type of depression and if it is depression!

    It might be an idea to go back to your GP & talk to him about your symptoms, how they are affecting you & discuss your medication & diagnosis with him & why you think it is wrong! He may change your antidepressants or increase the diagnosis as they are normally started with a low dose!

    Others on the site may feel differently, but all the comments you get are aiming to support you & all in your best interests!

    Good Luck with Your GP & keep in touch & let us know how your appointment goes!

    Take Care 🤗 spykey

  • I would say that you may need to get your medication changed. It doesn't sound as though it's the right one for you.

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