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Pregnancy and depression any help


Does anyone have experience of this? My daughter is experiencing severe depression and cannot take anything due to the pregnancy. I am so worried about her and trying to get the right help but it seems to take forever and she is getting worst. Last resort was to go to the GP again made another psychologist referral which could take forever so no instant help. We then went to the hospital for her to get help possibly inducing her labour so she can start medication. It took that long for her to be seen and keep her waiting whilst she was at a low. They decided she should stay in but it was that overwhelming and she still wasn't going to get help that she ran away. The Police had to find her which has caused her more embarrassment and made the depression/ suicidal thoughts even worse. Mental health nurse came out and said that she wouldn't be 99% sure she would not end her life (she admitted she said she was fine because she was scared) They then closed the case. I am at my wits end not knowing what to do how to help. Scared to be with her in case I make things work but trying to keep her ok. She now wont go back into the hospital because she is scared they'll section her but unable to think straight and saying she cant live.

I'm waiting for the hospital to call back to tell me what the options are but they are now saying different things as the staff on from yesterday did not do a hand over. Lots of confusion about what could be happening and still no help. I feel like were hitting a brick wall and no one is helping just making things worst. Have any of you been through this and got the right help?

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Very difficult, but you need to involve your GP and the midwife or health visitor as it sounds like she may need admission or at least very frequent outpatient follow up. However beds for admission are very scarce.

Is there any problem solving you can do for her?

It's important she's not left alone.

The major priority is keeping her safe

You can help with domestic tasks and child care if appropriate

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Thank you for your replies both appreciated. I've tried to involve every health professional gps, midwife, consultant, mental health nurse. It's been hard as I'm being told there's 99% chance she will not harm herself so things will be fine and there is no need to do anything. I can only focus on the 1% chance she might. And try to keep her positive until the next appointment which is always a week away. I help out, problem solve remind her I will be here always.

I have researched the breathing techniques and trying to get her to do these but difficult when she cannot see the benefit in advance.

We're taking a day at a time.

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It sounds like you're on top of things as best as possible and have the necessary contacts if there is more concern.


Am I correct the birth is quite close?.

You are restricted I feel and under those facts you both need to consider the baby.

Breathing Exercises can not only be used in Labour, also they can be adapted in Mental Health as well. Use it in relaxed calm breathing, your CPN may be able to help

Your CPN could, if she feels it may benefit try Relaxation Techniques, to calm your daughter s Anxiety and mood. The Method they use now is Mindfulness, however there are a further two other programs The Maxwell Technique and Alexander Technique, The Maxwell Technique was used in Mental Health Northumberland twenty years ago. The Alexander Technique was used in Pain Clinics.

These are just suggestions and you would need to take advice.

You can also talk to NHS information Line Tel 111 they can advise if you need help


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