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Bad anxiety

Hi there, always had anxiety and bouts of depression, but my anxiety is never ending at the moment. I'm permanently thinking something bad is going to happen, at home or to myself or in any way! My stomach is in knots, my heart pounds, and I just can't relax at all, and I'm always so weary. Had blood tests done and all is fine ( thankfully). Just don't know what to do, can't shake this off :-(

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Hello, You know the good part of anxiety is it lets you know when you're in danger. If you look down the road and see a large tiger coming toward you, your adrenalin kicks in and you're ready to fight. or maybe run. What is your large tiger? Probably some feeling or thought the triggers you into thinking you are in danger, but you are not. All those terrible symptoms are not going to hurt you and you aren't in any danger so you can learn to ignore them , or face them which I think works better. Just let it happen and see where it goes. If you embrace your anxiety it will take over your life and become stronger. I remember hearing this for the first time and I didn't think I could ever do it. I did though and it became easier and easier. Never let a day go by that you don't do something you're afraid of. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. pye


Hi Poz, Sweetie is right. This sounds like a panic attack to me. Go on YouTube and check out some Mindfullness videos.

Your thoughts can't hurt you. They will come and go if you let them. You are in control of your own mind.


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