mega depressed

so depressed just lost job due to depression linked misconduct. going to appeal but if won wouid not go back. hate the thought of job hunting in a depressed state. years of depression upset family and friends. turned to alcohol.that caused all the probs. so ashamed and guilty, not of depression but the drinking. also troublesome loner of a son who drinks to excess. how can I pull myself back together any ideas. not drinking now as partner watching me all the time. dont seif medicate it becomes the bigger problem

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  • Hi it could be worth appealing as you wouldn't have to go back if you didn't want to, and you might get a payout from them.

    Have you seen the doctor about how you are feeling? Are you on any meds? Or seeing a counsellor? Maybe for the time being you could ask your doctor for a sick note so you can have a breathing space to hopefully get yourself sorted. x

  • Have appealed. They didnt take the depression into account at all. Not been in the job since August. was suspended. thanks for your care. I am on sertralene

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