Im so down lately having very dark thoughts i hate being like this. Whats making it worse is i have really bad insomnia i took meds last night and i cant sleep maybe the fact i slept. Till 17:35 the day before missed my phyciatrist the the other day need to wait for another appointment thank goodness ive got a great wife and a supportive sister they are my rock take care david

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  • Terrible isn't it, if u sleep all day, sets ur body lock wrong and makes u feel worse, hope ur ok buddy

  • Hi there my friend thank you for taking the time to answer my post it makes a difference when someone like yourself does so ! I do hope this sleep thing get sorted soon ! You take care my friend david !

  • Hi there i eventually got about a hour 1/2 so tired but i need to go out going to see wrestling. With my dad and sister hope it all goes well take care david

  • Hi fi3h went out but when it got back i woke up after a hour feeling really crap then i started crying. A lot i wish i could do something about it david x

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