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Thank you every one. I know I can't put up with him hurting me the way he has. His mum rang me today and was telling me that he has been in floods of tears and she had never seen him like this before and that he wants to kill himself. But it's not fair because I've felt miserable for ages from how he's lied and hurt me, and I've cried literally everyday but why can't I help but feel horrible when I hear this?! Even tho he's hurt me? And at the same time I feel so angry because it's like why do what you did to me if this is how you are going to be when you lose me?! All I ever wanted was a future with him we had so much planned and he had to destroy me trust so it couldn't happen. I'm so angry that he crushed me and acts like I'm the love of his life, but ultimately he's chose to push me away so his future will lie with someone else. It makes me so sad thinking about it. When will it stop hurting :(

He won't stop trying to find ways to contact me why he is he acting so desperate now?!

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  • He knows what he has lost now but it is too late. He feels guilty and is turning it back around on you through his messages via his mum. This is manipulation tactics for you to feel sorry for him so you will take him back.

  • Hi of course it's going to feel horrible for you as you are a good kind person. He isn't which is why he has lied to you and treated you badly. Don't take him back please. Things might be fine for a while but he will soon revert to his cheating lying ways. You deserve better than him so cut off all contact with him - the sooner you do so the sooner you can move on. x

  • As this boy/man is obviously still causing you some upset,now of all things through his mother, I would sever all contact with him.

    From what you have already posted it would be a miracle if this relationship could ever bring you any happiness. The sooner you break off all contact with him the sooner you will get over it and it will stop hurting. I can't tell you why he is now acting so desperately but it does n't sound very healthy and confirms you were right to break off the relationship in the first place.

    I would not take further telephone calls from him or his mother which would be doing him a favour in the long term as well. I would n't think at all about what you have possibly lost as it seems to me you have made a considerable gain, and are well rid.


  • Hello

    Just walk away and find someone new who will appreciate you for what you are. It sounds like he will try and put pressure on you to go back and b with him, if He is cruel to you now later relationship with this person will just get worse given time.

    If eventually He will not leave you alone, you may need to take advice especially if He starts to follow you etc, cannot remember word for it.


  • I know what I need to do and that is try my best to move in from all of this its just he is making it so difficult for me. I was crying for months over this man yet he's cried for a few days and his family are pleading with me to speak to him? Don't get me wrong I am vulnerable still because I still love him and of course I am not over him yet, so this makes things almost unbearable for me. This is the Last thing I wanted, he chose to do these things and chose to lie and chose to hurt me so why should I be feeling guilty for what he did :(. It feels so bad, what if time doesn't heal me I am panicking that I won't feel this way about someone again because I was so in love :( despite what he did like a fool. I want to be treated properly.

  • Hun I feel for you but it's not fair on you. You are worth a heck of a lot more than the way he makes you feel. We set our own bar in life about how we are treated. Raise yours and love yourself take my advice I have been there and done it took a bit time but makes you the stronger. Life is too short for lovers xxx

  • *losers not lovers dam autocorrect xx

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