Starting To Dislike Summer

I am starting to dislike summer since last year for a few reasons:

1). Things never go out how planned:

*Last year I was in summer school and yes it was my worst high school year ever

*This year I visited Tucson to find a job like a 2-3 weeks ago to buy me new threads and new phone, and no job had hired me yet, and next week I'll move back to Mexico and they don't hire a 17 year old nowhere.

2).My love clearly not blind:

*Last year I had and unofficial relationship because I was way too afriad to ask her to make it official, and because of that; things started to get weird (I just wasn't myself) and it came to the point that she blocked me for that and missed my birthday on purpose, I miss her too much for that simple mistake. (For some reason she will always have a special place in my heart).

*Since then no girl wants to talk to me. I feel cursed, they all look at me like a lowlife...

3). Friends come and go:

*I am not sure if I still have or I had a 5 year friendship, but from one day to another my friend stopped talking to me and following me. Weird thing is that it cost me to step my pride away and talk to her and well my "Ex" I still forgive her after what wrote.

And all these things had happened this and last summer.

2 Replies

  • Hi, I just wanted to write a quick post to let you know I have read your post and wish I could support you. I am in my 30s and a grown woman though so I am unsure what help I can give you.

    I've read your previous posts and hope that you have sought medical advice?

    I hope that you find a job to support your goals. With regards to your ex and how you feel girls treat you I think I would need more information. It won't help you, but you are young and you will have lots more chances to focus on love in the future.

    You are right, friends do come and go. The best ones stick around, but you have to give what you get, and be a good friend in return.

    I do apologise if I haven't been much help, but I wanted you to know your voice had been heard.


  • Regarding the girls; my recent highschool year, all girls had treated me, cold, accused me for robbery and sex offender all the time for no reason... My ex never treated me like this, she was always playful with me, and I put of nowhere I tried to be an alpha male instead of myself and that caused me somewhat my happiness.