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seasonal affective disorder lamp/ light..anyone swear by these?

does anyone swear by these lights? my counsellor let me borrow one for the winter months to see if it had a positive affect on me... so far I don't notice a dang thing. I use it every morning for 20 -30 minutes...seems like a waste to me but does anyone find they really help with their depression in the darker months.. im curious.

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Hi I have never used one so can't comment. If you find it helps you then let us know please. x


I don't know if this is relevant at all? Afraid I don't suffer from SAD. But I do use the same kind of light bulbs in one of my rooms as I find it much better on my eyes, it does make the room extremely bright , so I guess depending on lifestyle as to whether it worth trying. I also put the bulbs in a standard lamp by my piano so if I am studying something I can have the extra light or if I am just relaxing I put on the smaller one facing away.

So you don't necessarily need to get a special unit as far as I am aware? so maybe it's worth just giving it a go for you, I don't know much about this type of therapy or whether the light is supposed to help produce the victim D or something, that our bodies produce naturally from the sunlight? Maybe your counsellor understands how it can help better, some GPS are now checking these levels more and prescribing larger doses of these vitamins especially during the winter months.


Absolutely. I take vitamin D during the winter months too. My counsellor said its good for everyone and to take it year round to help metabolize it better. I have heard about specific light bulbs too where the light is supposed to be nicer on the eyes ( forget what they are called) but supposed to be a blue tinged bulb. We are unsure as to whether I actually have SAD I have actually only been diagnosed with generalized anxiety and depression but I noticed I'm more down and my anxiety is higher in the darker months. Thought I'd try the lamp but I don't see any benefits so far.


I imagine they only work if you have seasonal affective disorder. Maybe you councillor just wanted to find out if that was what was the problem.

I have a friend who wouldn't do without hers in the winter.


We are unsure whether I do or not. Been only diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and depression. We were just trying it out but yes I don't think I suffer from SAD like others do.


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