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I am Impressed


About a month ago I posted I had paid a very reasonable sum to get a second opinion from a commercial outfit (I think American ) called "healthmagic" (if my memory is correct. )

In my opinion I received advice as good or better than from the NHS.

Most impressed to find in my email inbox (today ) a follow up from the psychiatrist who answered my query checking that I was ok. The psychiatrist who answered my initial query was based in India and in my opinion gave me very good advice at the time and I am most impressed that this has been followed up with todays enquiry checking that i was OK . ( which happily I am )

Most impressed with this level of service .from a company with whom I have no connection with at all.except as a customer.


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I'm glad for you but the service won't be free. Generally, we should be wary of the possibility that they're in it only for the money. Be careful and good luck.

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It was n't free as my post says. I was aware they are in it for profit. I did however find the advice very good and reasonably priced.


Well I think if you are happy with it Olderal that's all that matters. Some may be scams but if looks like you have found a good one. All power to your elbow. Bev x

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