You are awesome

Hello everybody!

I'm just writing this post to telling to everyone to have a beautiful day!

You are all amazing, by your history, by your help, by the way of living.

I some of you doesn't feel great today (like me) try to talk like others, put post saying what's going on. Don't be alone, I will talk to you, or others persons here will do it! Together we are more stronger!

Have a beautiful, awesome an lovely day!

-another young girl xx


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3 Replies

  • Hi A Girl, I am going to call You A Girl because your are A+. Or 5 stars

    That's really nice of you to post that lovely message. I for one appreciate it.

    How are you today ? A Girl I will be on here later today as I have Appt with Dr. at


    Later a friends two girls are coming to visit me. They are Hannah 13 and a half

    And Rachel 10. They sId they have a present for me because I have been

    Ill with my back. So I'm looking forward to seeing them

    Big hug to you

    Hannah xx

  • Hello hannah!

    I'm a little but disappointed there is 2 Hannah here?

    I could be better, but I feel less alone than yesterday ! And you? How are you?

    This is a pretty good program for today I guess!

    I hope your back is good now..

    I'm going at 2 pm having a new haircut!

    A lot of kisses!

    -another young girl xx

    PS: A girl! This is more short than "another girl" xx :D

  • Hi there hope your ok. Having a new hairstyle or cut is lovely.

    Please look after yourself.