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Everything going right, but depressed

I have everything going right in my life...job, family, friends....but I struggle everyday with going on and I don't understand or know why? I can not ask for more when it comes to the blessing I have been given. From the outside my life would be view as a success, but I find it hard to put one foot in front of the other most days. I struggle to get my work done and other activities, when all I want to do is nothing. I know it is depression, though I have not been diagnose with it. What do you do when everything is great in your life...wife, kids, job, family, etc...and you still find it hard to go on....wanting to stay in bed or sit at your desk trying to find the will to push a pin when you don't want to move or think at all? Can anyone give any advice or insight? Thank you.

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Depression is not just for those who lives are in chaos. Depression can attack anybody at anytime. This world is not meant to be orderly, but you have a choice as to how you react to its cruel intentions. Depression can be a war against your sanity. An unknown enemy who can turn out to be yourself. It is a battle that must be fought vigorously in order to overcome and defeat an unnameable opponent. To sit back and allow it to consume you is defeat that leads to a bitter end. You must be willing to fight.


Hi Chuck Depression is no respect or of Great lives or someone who is unhappy.

It is an illness, I would start to treat it, go to your GP and see how you get on,

You may need medication or other therapy, there is a lot you can do,

It's nothing to do with the fact that you have a great life, plenty of

People on this have good lives and jobs and families but they are suffering

From Depression.



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