Biological Default?

Hey All,

Haven't posted in a while, but thought I'd post about my first counselling session with MHCO.... no I haven't actually looked up what it means lol

But anyway, I was late by 20 minutes because I couldn't find the bloody place! I was ringing the MHCO office number and no one was picking up. Finally I found it.

It's in this really posh area in Nottingham. Huge houses. The place itself is in this MASSIVE house, it's a little mansion easily costs one million! Was really interesting to be in there tbh.

Anyway, my counsellor (Maria) is really nice actually, she took the time to explain to me that because of my families history with depression (my granddad one my mum's side has had it for years, quite badly, and my mum herself when she was pregnant years ago, and recently now as well) that I have a chemical imbalance in my body. In other words my depression is in my blood. And there is nothing I can do, but help correct the balance.

She said to me that I may have to be on anti-depressants for the rest of my life, but it'd be worth it because it'd help me so much. She also explained that I can try help myself but I need the extra help from medication to correct what's wrong.

This actually made me feel a lot better. Though I was sad that I may have to be on tablets for the rest of my life. I'm only 20 and that's a lot to take. I feel too young. But she said to me, I can either take a tiny pill that will help me to the point where I actually feel normal or I can ruin life and continue with how I am now....

And I totally agree with her. Think she has set me straight.

I just need to go to the doctors now and change my medication as apparently citalopram is clearly not working for me.

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  • Glad that it was so positive and helpful.

    There are loads of other anti-depressants out there - hope you find one that does work for you soon.

  • Hiya Gambit, hopefully I will, she said there are only 3 main types so hopefully it wont take long, now to just get to the doctors which is a hassle in itself. x

  • Sounds like you came away positive! Good for you crazycara! so pleased for you! In the same boat as you as far as the meds go! on them for life now. we can do it x

  • Yes, we can do this! x

  • Hi crazy I like the sound of your counsellor and I totally agree with her! I am on Citalopram which works for me, and I will happily take them for the rest of my life as I can't cope with the alternative! If I had thyroid problems or diabetes I would always be on medication, so to me it's no difference stay well

  • Hiya, this is basically exactly how she explained it. Just sounds weird. As I've never heard anyone on here or in my research stating this so it was a good eye opener. x

  • Most general types of depression (ie not manic or bipolar etc) are caused by chemical imbalance - brain stops producing neurotransmitter chemicals, system that regulates your mood consequently breaks down. Guess your family must have a natural problem producing those chemicals.

    Sure therapy will help as well - see if you can get CBT as that will probably help if this is a long term thing.

    Good luck at the docs :)

  • Yeah, I'm going to continue on with my CBT/Counselling sessions, it's only for 6 weeks though, so I should be able to get a good base down to help me x

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