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Hi, I am really struggling with depression, anxiety and severe panic attacks which appear to have no pattern to them. This last week has been horrendous and I have barely been functioning. Sleep is virtually none existent and I'm not eating. I go to counselling every week and I seem to beat it for a wile but keep sinking again. Has anyone got any advice to share regarding not falling back into it again or beating anxiety. / panic in general?

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  • It might be time to go back to see your doctor, as the meds might not be working so well or your body has got used to them and need a littile raising Do the relaxation, going for walks, when you feel the anxiousness blow it hard and slow away till it passes. it works for me.

  • I did beat it with walking up to eleven miles a day earlier in the year but went back to work so it became unsustainable time wise. Maybe worth another go while I'm on the sick again though. Thanks

  • May sound like a stupid question but do you know what is causing the lack of sleep and why you are not eating - it's really important that you do get enough sleep and eat properly.

    Sometimes panic and anxiety can become self-fulfilling prophecies - something crops up and it starts a bit of panic or anxiety and then we panic about that panic and anxiety and it all spirals out of control. If that is the case then it is really important to catch it early on and try to find a way of stop it before it all starts to spiral. When it first starts, try not to remember times when you panicked and things got out of control but try and remember the feeling you had when you came out of your last counselling session and remind yourself that you are stronger than this and you can beat it - and although it is useful to have the reminder that something has made you a little anxious that is just a reminder that you can easily deal with.

    It might also be worth talking about it at your next counselling session if you haven't done so already.

    Don't know if this analogy will help as another way of trying to explain what I'm suggesting - sometimes when you are swimming a wave can overtake you and there is a moment of panic - that doesn't mean that you have forgotten how to swim and have to give into the panic and drown - you do have the choice of reminding yourself that you know how to swim and start swimming again.

    Hope it comes together soon.

  • Yeah your right, I come out of counselling sooo chilled but foolishly didnt even go last week. Daft I know. Need to start focussing o. The positives in life. Thanks

  • Hello BOB here

    You are been seen by a CPN weekly, so you must be taking medications associated with your condition.

    For a different approach because you are not able to relax, or sleep and your condition is flaring with no real reason ask about Relaxation Techniques she may have training and the Alexander Technique does help when on edge.

    One of the other techniques that Mental Health used to do for pain control and Anxiety was the Maxwell Technique.

    Not kidding about this it does work, I am a Reactive depressive that suffers chronic pain and it does work when required

    Ask? Give it a go

    All the best


  • Hi, Bob yes I am taking sertraline, previously citalopram.

    Have tried various methods of relaxation like mindfulness and focusing and guided relaxation but not the technique you mentioned. I will ask about it this on Wednesday. Got some sleep last night so that's a huge bonus. Thanks. This forum was a good find.

  • Could it be worth keeping a sort of diary / log of information about the panic attacks? Where you were, who you were with, time of day etc? Might be useful in being able to pinpoint triggers.

    I go through long periods of not sleeping, so I understand how that feels. Turning my iPad / phone off a while before I sleep helps, as does getting the right temperature in the room.

    Not eating will, in itself, make you depressed. Try to snack if you can't manage large meals. Cerel bars, bananas, toast etc are effective quick fixes ...

  • I did used to do a mood diary and write positives for every day in it but felt well and let it slip. Maybe time to revisit this. Thanks

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