I met up with my boyfriend this afternoon for a walk. We had some lunch first and then set off. We stopped by some nettles and he said 'I usually see some peacocks here' and I stopped and said 'I can see lots of peacocks here' and he looked again. The peacocks he was referring to were the butterflies - the ones I was referring to were the caterpillars - which live in nests - in fact there were two nests like the above in close proximity. He was pleased to have been stopped for the closer look as he really hadn't spotted all the caterpillars so he noted them down and pondered on how they are going to get through the winter - just looked it up in the book and there is no mention of peacocks overwintering as pupae - and according to the books it's rather late for the caterpillars to be around ...

Anyway, we got to the end of the walk and then he was telling me about plans for going out with the family this evening and the penny still didn't drop ... and then he explained that it was a birthday treat and ... I don't feel awful about it and we did laugh about just how awful my memory was and how I didn't take any of the earlier hints about the date and he was very understanding as I've been so pre-occupied with the cat over the last few days... It's funny my mind really doesn't work from dates to whose birthday it is - but it does work from who to the date of their birthday.

thought about medgirl - hope you have had a good day.


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2 Replies

  • Same here, my mind is awful for dates.

    Sounds like you had a nice afternoon though :)

    Sue x

  • Nice to see the picture.

    Glad u had good afternoon. X