Bad start

Having a bad start to the day, my anxiety seems to be up and I have been so good lately. I didn't have a good sleep, when do I ever, and that doesn't help. The doctor gave me a sleeping tablet and I reckon that's affecting my anxiety in the morning. So will be off to see the GP to see what she thinks. Hope everyone else is as good as can be. Ooh , I hate these mornings.


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6 Replies

  • I've just spent five minutes trying to figure out how you posted an hour ago about your day starting badly ... then remembered where you live! Are you starting Sunday or Monday? (I'm a bit thick!)

    Sorry you're having a tough time of it. The sleeping tablet could well be wreaking havoc with your routine and how you feel. The doctor might try you on something else.

    Hope the appointment goes well, I'll be thinking of you x

  • Thanks Suzie and it's beautiful sunny Monday here. Settled down a little now. I think I will try another tablet tonight and see if I feel the same tomorrow then talk to GP about it. Thanks for your support. This site is so great for us. xx

  • Yes I know all about the not sleeping thing; it's horrible. Waking up early in the mornings, feeling tired all through the day and the anxiety especially first thing in the morning.

    I am pleased you feel a liitle less anxious now and hope that appointment with your GP goes ok.

  • Thanks Lois. That early morning anxiety is so difficult. I can conquer anything at night !!! Just wish that's how I felt all day.I had a 'nanny nap' this afternoon.Thanks for your support. xx

  • cut down on any caffine, and do some deep sucking in,,, and then blow the anxiety away, with your breath, in a controlled way.

    I find the mornings in the winter hardest, the beds all warm, and getting out and getting cold,, doesnt help, but yes remember those days well.

    But if you cant sleep, that will make you feel uck anyway, but it does make you weaker to the anxiety. just do what you feel like doing, and just chill. what will be will be.

    take care

  • Thanks for those positive words, coatpin. Wasn't so bad this morning so that's good. Yesterday I had a bad is much better even though I have a visit to the dentist this afternoon. Thanks for your support. xx

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