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Some respite from the problem!

The Housing Association are arranging for our houses to be fitted with new, economical, but re-located boilers. I should have had a visit from the surveyor today. I knew that getting things reasonably straight first would be difficult, but hoped to reach an interim 'acceptable' stage. However, with my friend coming round on the 'escaped pet rat' hunt, I found I had far more to do than I expected.

I planned to get up early, but woke with a migraine - plus the sciatica. I rang the company, who were happy to postpone it - and it is now 7th May - beyond all I could expect!

I am working on a plan to do a certain amount every day - but also to schedule in some 'me time' for relaxation, meditation etc. and have started to make real progress in this last week, but it has taken 8 years (since Mum's death) to get where I am, and I can't realistically expect an instant solution.

I'm also using an absolutely brilliant mood-monitoring program - more about that later.


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Where's the rat?!


Ann you are doing great, and I hope that rat doesn't travel as far as Dublin, or I cannot

guarantee to catch him for you.

Hannah xx


Well done,,, this will help you work through the blockage, as your doing this.

keep going, you will feel much lighter, and that you have worked through something you have been avoiding. x


I suspect that she has taken a large bone under the table!


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