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Reduce gland sensitivity without circumcision?



I am 20 years old, not circumcised. My problem is that I have a lot of sensitivity in my gland. When I have sex, even using lube, I feel my gland's edges rasp so its hard to concentrate and maintain the erection, and if I lose a bit of the erection it feels worse. Oral sex feels like torture. I have been thinking about getting circumcised but I would like to know what other options I can try for solving this issue?

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Try keeping your foreskin retracted as much as you can, it helped a lot with me, I gain a better type of sexual feeling!! If you keep it retracted enough it will stay back!! It take a few weeks to getting used to though!!

Circumcision is likely to make things worse in the long run.

There are lots of nerves in the foreskin, so you can try oral sex without retracting your foreskin.

If your foreskin is long and semi-tight, then you may be able to penetrate without retracting.

Here is a suggestion about decreasing sensitivity:

My advice according to your problem: Get circumcised.

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