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full circumcision or conservative cuts

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hi after some advice.

Finally seen urologist at hospital last week and basically gave me the options of a Circumcision or described a conservative approach that involves multiple cuts inside the foreskin. He didn’t give the name of this procedure but has anyone else experienced this? He did say this could work if I’m keen to keep my foreskin or if it doesn’t the only other option would be then a full circumcision. I’m 39, got tight foreskin.

17 Replies
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Brum82 in reply to jimfromcalif

thanks .

Received a letter from dr today which talks about circumcision or preputioplasty and frenuloplasty.

So next question, anyone who’s had preputioplasty and frenuloasty. What’s your thoughts, experiences?

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Multiple cuts does not sound like a good option! You could have a partial, which would work if the cut line doesn't scar badly. I had a partial last November but had a revision this August due to stitches splitting and wound dehiscence. The scar was too irritating and gave me turtleing. I had the scar cut out and more shaft skin removed so it was tighter when erect. Now it's perfect. Depends what cut you want, I wanted to keep inner skin as much as possible.

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Either insist you want a full circumcision or find a different urologist….little cuts or partial circumcision will not solve your problem…full circumcision is the only way to solve your problem completely 😃👍

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Seriously take the conservative approach first. A preputioplasty and frenuloplasty together could be a very strong option to solve phimosis and should be used first to avoid any full or partial circumcisions. Keep your foreskin.

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just do not get high cut circumcision or very tight circumcision, i considered that as a botched. Mine was cut high and so many complications arise.

the scar should be only right below the glans :)

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Lex559 in reply to Sugarcrack3r

Just curious, but why? I'm 39 and 12 days out from circ and think I got low and tight bcuz my stitches are just above my head, but im still healing. Iwanted hi and tight and didn't know their was dif styles til after circ, so kinda bummed but oh well. But why do u say low and tight is better?

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Sugarcrack3r in reply to Lex559

its not only better, its the right thing. if you see high cut you will surprise, cause my penis when erect pull scotrum skin and other area.The scar line is at half of penis, its been 2 month i still suffering, second urology doctor said i need to wait 1 year for recover from this botched circumcision.

today after inside skin recover a bit, the erection was harder than before and it causing swelling to rise up again, its such a nightmare :(

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Lex559 in reply to Sugarcrack3r

But I would imagine that if it's hight and tight like yours more of the inner foreskin is left and is attached higher up toward the base meaning less pulling. Compared to low and tight where their is little to no inner foreskin left and the shaft skin has to be pulled up more to the head of the penis causing pulling on ur scrotum skin. Also I understand that both can be too tight which would pull scrotum skin. Am I understanding this wrong?

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Sugarcrack3r in reply to Lex559

low cut doesnt pull scotrum that much, because outer foreskin is way too stretchy.yes my i have a lot of inner foreskin, now the inner foreskin change a lot, it stretch a lot to adapt, it stretch and hurts because i only have bit of outer skin.

Now im at this forum, i will inform everybody to choose low loose cut before their circumcision so no one can experience this nightmare

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Lex559 in reply to Sugarcrack3r

Ok now I understand. It's bcuz your saying the outer foreskin is more stretchy compared to inner foreskin. Thank you for explaining bcuz I was not understanding, and all this is new to me. Again I'm 14 days out from my circ and didn't even know their was different styles of circumcission til about a week ago. I thought it went like this:

high and tight = shaft skin attached to inner foreskin attached to penis head. With outer foreskin being removed

low and tight = shaft skin attached to just below penis head. With all inner AND outer foreskin being removed

So i thought outer foreskin was removed in both removed hi and low and tight. Dr did not explain any of these options to me. And I do prefer the look of hi and tight. But yours sounds too high. I do like the hi and tight look way more but rather bit have unnecessary complications. Anyway whats done is done for me at least. Thank u for explaining

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Sugarcrack3r in reply to Lex559

outer skin will only remove just below the glans, this is the right one.Now you are understand, if anyone ask about circumcision please share my story so no one get botched circumcision like mine :)

high and tight is a no way to go.

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Things to consider.

Are you concerned about cosmetics, or just not having a tight foreskin, or both? Do you wish to retain maximum foreskin (inner and outer) or no opinion?

How "tight" is tight? Preputioplasty is an option for mild phimosis, so you urologist must have thought you were a candidate for it. Frenuloplasty is fairly common, so don't stress over that. It's just a release of your frenulum which I assume is tight as well.

I haven't come across any pics of a healed preputioplasty, but the post surgical pictures and drawings are...interesting. Lots of geometric cuts and stitches. But that very much depends on what the surgeon does. It's not one size fits all. Look online at the diagrams. Many different approaches depending on your particular phimosis constriction. Some minor, some more involved and complicated, but all to treat phimosis with the least amount of actual skin removal. Just enough to make the tight tissue less tight.

Hence why I asked about cosmetics. While it may address your medical issue, you may be less pleased with the look when retracted or hard. I only say "may" because every penis and condition is different.b

A second opinion is always a good. It's your penis. Make sure it's exactly what YOU want. Unless you do want a full circumcision which now brings up a whole new decision process.

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I was offered the same two options but my consultant (private in UK) recommended the full circumcision which I was in agreement with. The other procedure doesn’t look great and I felt at 39 as well it was best just to get the whole foreskin removed as it had been causing me issues for many years. I must say 4 months in I don’t regret my choice, it does take a bit of getting used to (sex/masturbation) but its far better than it was. Just wish I’d got it done years before and not suffered in silence.

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Lex559 in reply to Allym1982

Did u get hi and tight or low and tight? Did the dr explain about the dif styles of circ? Did u even know their was dif styles of circ? Just curious. I had no idea and dr did not mention. I only found out after I got circ with what looks to be a low and tight so I specifically Google dif types of circ and was like oh. Lol

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I was offered two choices back in June… but consultant said he thought full circumcision was only sensible way forward. Alternative was an option if I really wanted to keep my foreskin.

Had full circumcision and whilst the initial 2/3 weeks of recovery is tougher than you’d think for what is a small procedure, I’m so pleased with the result. Really wish I’d had the balls to talk to docs and had this done 20 plus years ago! Living with phimosis and balanitis all that time was avoidable… and being circumcised is something I’m now really pleased with!

Good luck with your decision buddy. Here if you have any questions or need support.

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thanks for all the feedback/thoughts guys.

Won’t lie head is blown!! 😫

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