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Circumcision infection

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Just been to doctors today after noticing a funny smelling liquid leak below my glans from what I had previously assumed was a bruise from my op last week, doctor examined and gave a slight press bringing out the liquid before confirming it was pus from infection before removing a lot more of the liquid but not all of it. I was prescribed flucloxacillin tablets and an antibiotic ointment to use and returning in a couple of days either to check it works or remove more of the pus? Just wanting to hear from anyone who may have gone through this or knows more about it for some reassurance as I’m constantly anxious of terrible outcomes. Thanks

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It is good that you went to the docs and got the issue dealt with. You are being reviewed and that is great. I am sure all will turn out well and send you good wishes for a swift recovery.

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Mine has been bruised for a while now and almost 2/3 of my circumcision has a gap due to infection. Initially thought the bruising was normal post-op. Currently on medical-grade honey and Aquacel Extra that my doctor has prescribed, often reserved for circumcision related infection. If your wound worsens, perhaps you could ask your doctor about it!

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I visited the GP twice and they didn’t give anything that helps and upon returning to hospital they got the swab results diagnosed as Staph Aureus and told me to carry on with flucloxacillin tablets which counteracts the infection. Bloods were normal and they thought all was okay now hoping for a speedy recovery

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