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Just circumcised 7 days ago. Painful erections and stitches stabbing my penis and very annoying.

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I was just circumcised one week ago today. I also had a umbilical hernia repair and vasectomy at the same time. So needless to say I was a little sore. However i feel like it's going okay a week in. However i have some concerns. First I have been getting multiple erections throughout the day and night that are driving me crazy. I can't tell if I am in pain from the tightness of the stitches, the wound itself, or if my penis is sore from being so erect all the time. It kinda feels like I came four times in a short period of time and the tip of my penis feels like its going to explode with pressure. Second the stitches are dissolvable however they are pointy, hard, and sharp. They feel like someone cut a plastics tag off some clothes and left the pointy end jamming me right under the tip of my penis. It is driving me crazy how sensitive I am getting down there. Today was really bad. I feel like my skin folded over my stitches and pressed all of the pokey bites into my gland all day while I was working and now it feels raw or sensitive. Is this craziness normal? I got cut because I had phamosis and my foreskin kept tearing during sex and it was ruining all the fun and stressing me out. Wife and I were ready for a change. I can wait until these stitches come out, but can use some advice for everyone about what is going on. Thanks in advance.

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Hi I was circumcised 6 days ago but your case sounds alot worse then mine perhaps because you said you had other problems. I can definately relate with erections at night time, very painful but just have to get through it. Perhaps try and stay busy to avoid daytime erections? I also have dissolvable stitches but havent had any pain from them so perhaps you should contact your doctor especially if it gets worse. All the best

Maybe we have different type of material for the stitches?

Mine are small white ones. Havent given me any trouble. Check out my latest post on my page about my journey if you feel you need any further information on the recovery process. Alot of people have helped me out with advice and info.. doctors barely told me anything but this site is saving me LOL

Mine are black

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If you press your finger against the tip of one of the stitches does it feel like plastic or thin wire?

Sharp thin wire That was a Actually my first time touching it ive avoided touching to be honest im still crazy sensitive all over down there

Yeah I definitely understand that. Unfortunately mine point in different directions and so sometimes it my boxers touch from one side. Other times it pushes them into my penis. So unless I'm completely still and holding the skin down away from the tip I am constantly having them rub or touch

Jesus that sounds painful. Mine are all facing upwards. Then again ive been chilling in bed naked 95% of the time cant stand trying to wear boxers i just end up walking like ive shit myself kus its so sensitive LOL. Back to work from next week though so i need to start getting used to it tho 🤦‍♂️

Id definitely advise to take painkillers as much as possible if you havent by the way. Ive been taking lots of ibuprofen and paracetamol everyday so im pretty much numb to the pain 24/7

Yeah I dont care for medication. I'm sure I can try to take a little more. Right now I might take two ibuprofen here or there. I was doing the naked thing for the first four days but unfortunately for me my doctors told me most people feel somewhat normal after a few days. So I only took off 2 days and 2 on the weekend, now I'm back working. I am working remote but I have a lot of virtual meetings and also a mother in law who is watching my two young children during the day. so there are four reasons the nudity doesnt work very well. Even if the mother in law already got a great view of my package one rather unexpected occasion. I wish I could let it all be free. Maybe this weekend.

Ah I see. Yeah i think its best to let it out and free for it to adapt and get air etc especially for us who have had phimosis therefore its never fully been out our whole lifes. Think well take longer to recover then a normal person just getting a circumcision because of that. Best of luck anyway👍 Hopefully gets less painful overtime

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Guys, if you have suitable scissors (like short-bladed surgical or sewing) you should be OK to snip the prickly ends off the stitches if that helps? Obvs you won’t be affecting the knots themselves or what’s buried.

Also have you found that the prickly stitches go soft when wet? I think mine did (it was a long time ago)

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Thanks for the advice, might give that a shot in awhile. Dont want to risk breaking the knot to early on. As far as getting them wet. I'm not sure, have showered twice a day for the past 4 days. Was told not to take any baths. So maybe after more showers they might limp up a bit. Thanks

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You’re OK to take a bath once the wound has sealed, just like you would with a cut anywhere else on your body. Should be alright to do this by now, a week in.

The reason for avoiding baths early on is that the bacteria from everywhere on your body is in the bath water which might infect an open cut. There’s less chance with a shower.

This is the day 35 post circumcition for me. All the things that you are relating, are normal. In my case, i still in my house the first 2 weeks, and i did not use pants. Why? Because i want to ventilate the scar. It was very good, because for the 3rd week, i did not have any sensibility problem. Sorry for my english, i'm from argentina

Totally feel you man. My stitches are also the black wire-like kind, and it feels super hard and pokes me at times. I have no idea when they will fall out cos tbh it doesn't look like they will... I'm currently on my 19th day post-op!

Bro I am also experience exact situation , today 8 th day ,after how many days your wound healed

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