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Is anyone else suffering from an increase of illnesses since having Viral Meningitis or Viral Meningio-Encephalitis?

Hi -

I was admitted as an emergency with Mengio-Encephalitis in August 2011 and put in isolation for over two weeks. Since then, have been back into hospital four times:

1). Nov 2011 - I began a severe chest infection that four doses of anti-biotics couldn’t shift!

2). Feb 2012 - I was admitted for a CT scan and a Bronchoscopy, and diagnosed with Bronchiectasis (a life-long condition). I was hospitalised for an eight day treatment of IV’s, Nebulisers and Physio.

3). May 2012 - I was admitted as an emergency patient with Acute Pneumonia and pumped with more IV’s and Nebulisers, for five days in hospital isolation.

4). Oct 2012 - I was diagnosed with a severe Upper Respiratory Tract Infection and put on Azithromycin 500mgs for five days, which I have to continue taking three times a week until the end of April.

5). March 2013 - Admitted for a 2nd Bronchoscopy, as my lungs were ‘crackling’ and I was getting a bit breathless. I was retained in hospital for five days on IV’s and Nebulisers. Biopsies were taken along with bloods. I also had another CT scan.

My daily drug routine is: Carbocisteine; Omeprazole; Singulair; Seretide (inhaler); Nasonex (spray) and Azithromycin (3 x a week).

I also take when needed: Nystan (for Oral Thrush) and Ipratropium (asthma inhaler)

I feel tired and washed out most days. My energy levels are very limited. I have to pace myself for any social or family events. I’ve put on weight (9lbs); my skin is thin and dry, and my hair seems lank. I bruise and bleed very easily now. I still cannot tolerate loud noises and some bright lighting.

And I still get the headaches - they are querying Migraine now.

I joined a gym (Sept 2012), to help my recuperation and fitness levels but have only managed to go along about a dozen times.

My consultant is trying to discover why I’m getting all these infections. My immune system is good and my lungs have stabilized. The only query to date is that my thyroid levels are a bit low and my white cell count is slightly up.

I would be really interested and so grateful for any replies to the above. Please don’t think I’m moaning I just want to ‘paint a full picture’ here - Thank You ?

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Oh I do so symphatise with you.... I had VM in July 2009 and then a relapse in October of the same year. Since then I have never had so many problems... colds, chest infections, cold sores, infections of odd varieties. food poisoning etc etc., I had assumed that my immune system was so damaged that I get everything going. I started to take some enchinachea (liquid type) for a month which did help some, but I think you are right things do seem to go wrong with my body and obviously yours too now, I was so healthy before this as I am sure you were. My husband is scared to take me anywhere for more than one night now in case I become ill. Its such a drag and I feel I have to take care ofmyself more and not just battle through life. Even getting really chilled (as I often do in the North East of England) if standing outside for long can bring on a dreadful fatigue. Oh dear, sounds like a big moan I know... but you arent alone. Mostly these days I feel well, and not just waiting for the next thing to hit me! Hope you get to that stage too.


I forgot to mention the noise factor and bright lights... sadly that hasnt gone away for me. I use earplugs to live music events (but at least I can go now) and the cinema, and I have real problems with spotlights even in kitchens and mostly sit in dimmed light at home. Strangely though I love sunlight and bright naturally lit rooms! Ihope it all improves for you soon.. take action with the earplugs, if you need advice on the best ones, let me know! I think its the irritated meninges and they become hypersensitive,


its hard to say if any illness follow VM, since mine i have had extra colds, 5 opps in my jaw as having problems with abscess and infections SVT and heart operation due to the SVT, sounds still seem to be extra loud and lights can drive me nuts, but i try not to think it was the VM, i just try to think, it is what it is. i now take extra vits and eat better, which helps, but like most people i do this for a month, feel better then stop taking vits etc, i am my own worst enemy.

The immune system is such a hard thing to control, but so if the mind, when i feel it, or get a hot flush for one second i panic and think OMG VM is coming back, so i STOP, relax and focus on something else, until i can control myself, it sounds like you are having a hard time, the best way to handle it, DAY BY DAY, do not think to fair a head, re the gym, maybe not the best place, as so many germs linger, you would be better go off for nice long walks, maybe take a camera with you, take time to take photos, look around you, see life, feel the sun (when we get it) and get fresh air, some times the old ways are the best ways, well hon i hope you stay strong and keep going, be aware that fear can play a big part in out body, when i feel off, i sort my house, or paint, anything to stop my mind gong on over drive, take baby steps and you will get there :)


Thank you so much for sharing your VM experiences and thoughts with me here. It really is so appreciated.

Whilst I don't tend to write much on HealthUnlocked, I do read most of the comments and questions though - we're lucky to have this site :)

I think I've been expecting my old health to suddenly re-appear one morning :) and I'll be back to the fit and healthy person that I was before 3rd August 2011.

I never was much good with 'change' so, this has certainly been a life-test.

Thanks again for your help and support.

N.B: What does 'STV' stand for Tiga?


Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT, PSVT) Symptoms

SVT can cause a number of symptoms, depending on a person's overall health and how fast their heart is beating. People with heart damage or other coexisting medical problems experience a greater degree of discomfort and complications than those who are healthy. Some people have no symptoms at all.

Symptoms can come on suddenly and may go away by themselves; they can last a few minutes or as long as 1-2 days. The rapid beating of the heart during SVT can make the heart a less effective pump so that the body organs do not receive enough blood to work normally. The following symptoms are typical with a rapid pulse of 140-250 beats per minute:

Palpitations (the sensation of the heart pounding in the chest)

Dizziness, light-headedness (near-faint), or fainting

Shortness of breath


Chest pain or tightness

LOL i thought i was having panic attacks, so just got on with it, then one day it went on for 8 hours, walked to my doctors, and said sorry i am having a panic attack and cannot control it (had many b 4) then the next thing i know i am off hospital, i can hear the ambulance driver saying we have an cardiac emergency, i thought OMG i wonder who they are going to pick up on the way in haaaaaaaaaa, got there my heart was 230, so they had to stop it and restart it, then 10 days later when had to have a radiofrequency ablation operation on my heart, took a couple of months for the heart to settle down, thou was back to work 8 days later, on a rigging gig, up and down a ladder, thou i was scared, i told the guys i was with, and like all men, they just laughed and said well if you drop down dead, we will just walk over you, BEST thing they could have said as it made it funny so just got on with it. i find if i can laugh at all my illness, then i just don't care, i treat my body like a child, if it is having a tantrum then i just ignore it haaaaaa


Hi there, I can sympathise with what you are going through. I had Viral meningitis out of the blue, aged 13. 2 years later age 15 I had pneumonia. Had pneomonia again aged 25, and that saw the onset of chronic headaches to this day. 5 years ago, had pneomonia again, and this developed into sinisitis and bronchiectasis. I now actively manage the brochiectasis and am getting back to normal after 5 years of tiredness and chest infections. I do lots of exercise, healthy diet, daily antibiotics, carbocisteine and chest physio myself to get mucous out. I took mindfullness classes which helped. I havent had a Doctor really link the viral meningitis to my respiratory problems, but the more I read, the more it seems like some connection. I dont really know what type of doctor can piece all this together?? I still have chronic headaches with noise/light aversion from time to time, which sounds so typical from the Viral meningitis forums. The bronchiectasisinfo forum is a great source of help. Best of luck !!


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