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taste buds and going off food

husband had vm back in may,, i was just wondering if people with vm change there eating habits as he seems to be going off his favourite foods, just another wee side effect i thinks. hes back at worl full time and enjoying it. still got a little memory loss, but he is getting better every day. just a wee bit crabbit now and then, but when i look at what he was like back in may he is about 97 percent better.

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I had bm but my taste buds defo was effected I loved salt and vinager crisps and yet after bm no longer could eat them same with fizzy drinks over a few years gradually I could it was strange even ketchup I couldn't eat and food like fish that I hated before I craved, I think due to nausea and sickness your taste buds become quite sensitive but I think most people do get it back glad to here he has recovered so well and so quick :)


That is so interesting Luckyclover! I had VM in April and was off food totally. My partner got me eating again by asking me what my favourite food was....fried chicken.....she bought some and the smell of it made me start eatng again. Now.....I am on a gluten free, low cholestol diet as my cholestrol levels went through the roof just after I was ill (can be affected by inflamation).

I wonder if the area of brain that got affected by his VM is the tasting area. Some folks have to learn to walk again (motor area), some memory. Mine is mostly memory, also I can't track things like action movies as too much going on infront of me and my temp control is out of wack.


Interested in your comment about cholesterol, as mine was previously normal and went up to 10.5 with vm... the hospital said it probably had not been affected by the VM but just my normal, which is a pity as they possibly dont know about the inflammatory effect changing cholesterol count. I have tried since then to bring it down myself as I was so reluctant to take meds. Do you know whether it normally comes down with diet? My temp control is still out of wack completely (and I am 3 years down the road) have had ups and downs over that time, sometimes 90% normal then back to not great. My memory seems fine though I know it really was bad for a while. Like you the over stimulation of watching a fast movie or in a party with a lot of people talking, makes me irritable now, almost like a change of personality. However hope your doing well with yours, sounds like you have good support too.


Canada, I hate to say it but diet, exercise and an apple a day. Yes an apple can bring you down by 40%.

I am to have another cholestrol check next week so I will see what that says.


i lived on yahoo milk shake and rich tea Bic for about a month as i wanted nothing to eat and flat coke to help settle tummy, in time the taste buds will come back, try little things and see what you like


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