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Severe neck/head pain from VM

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My husband was diagnosed with VM two weeks ago. He was in hospital for a week and had a CT scan, MRI and lumbar puncture.

He has went home a week and his neck/head are causing him extreme pain and it's not getting any better. The hospital only gave him ibuprofen and paracetamol but they are not touching the pain. The GP said there are no painkillers that would help?

Has anyone else had the severe head/neck pain for this long? And can anyone suggest any painkillers that may help?


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Hi, I had vm in Sept 06. I've had many short admissions for pain since, and others so bad I am sick until dehydrated. I was diagnosed with occipital neuralgia about 3 years ago and have had nerve blocks for this. Also pregabylin is very good. In the short term during 'attacks' oremorph is usually the only thing that touches the pain. Hope this helps.


I had vm last year. This is an illness that will get better with time and rest. All I was told to take was parcetimol but regularly to keep on top of the pain. Like your husband for me it didn't touch the pain.

I had headaches for a few months.

Clearly you should go back to your gp if you are not happy. Although I never went back as the thought of waiting whilst feeling so poorly was enough to stop me going. That's when I found this site.

If he is suffering with nausea make sure your doctor prescribes anti sickness tablets.

It took me 6 months To recover from all of the symptoms and a further few months to recover from the fatigue.

I found if I rested (and when I say rest I mean do not get out of bed for two weeks) I felt better. Then I was able to eat. Food it another key. Lots and lots of fluids and only give him heathy food

Make sure he has been signed off work for the next few weeks and even if he feels better he needs to continue to rest.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. I am fully recovered now but I never thought when I was diagnosed that it would take so long.

Good luck x

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Tupshaw in reply to Deirdreoc

Hello. Did you have a lot of pressure in the back of your head?


I was diagnosed with vm in June this year and 4 months into it I am still very unwell.

Having said that the bad pain only lasted for the first month.

I took codeine. Which helped, but did not eliminate pain.

The best advice I was given and I am passing on to you was to rest as much as possible. It really is the only way to improve.

It is very early days for your husband,I wish you both all the very best.


Hi. Sorry to hear that your husband has had viral meningitis. Unfortunately it would be very unusual if he wasn't still experiencing headaches as with VM they do continue for varying amounts of time and for some it is an ongoing problem. It may be worth trying to take the ibuprofen and paracetamol at different times, if he isn't already, so if the ibuprofen doesn't last the length of time till the next dose is due he can take the paracetamol between times when the effect starts to diminish.

Hi, I was diagnosed with meningitis two months ago. I use ice packs to help relieve the pain when it is unbearable.

We also have legal medical marijuana, this helps take the pain away enough to allow me to sleep at night. I would have never thought to use this, but desperation lead me to seek out alternatives.

Sending prayers for you and your husband.

Continued pain for me was the expected after each episode of meningitis. Sorry to hear of the symptoms, but I found Ibuprofen only made it worse-- there are several post also which acknowledge--- there is literature that can be found that advises against the use.

I am post 5 weeks with VM. I take Tylenol 4 with codeine. It helps with the pain. We all know what that pain feels like. It is horrible. Call his doctor and see if he can get that. Hope the pain goes away.

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